Aug 31, 2008

Nursing Students - January 5-6, 2008

This is our first lecture for the year. We were requested to conduct First aid and Pro CPR by some students from Cebu Doctors University. They have decided to group together and requested training to add more knowledge on their Emergency Nursing Subject.

We conducted the course in the Lapu-lapu City Gymnassium since they have asked us to provide the venu for the training.

The participants each performed a return demonstration on CPR as well as the bandaging and emergency transportation.

Aug 30, 2008

Healthcare Providers

Several Nurses have group together and requested me to conduct First aid, and Pro CPR courses. Most of them are applying for work abroad. Basically they were ask to submit First aid and Pro CPR certification and completion cards

It is for this reason that they have requested me to conduct the course for them so that they will be updated on the latest First aid and Pro CPR guidelines as well as acquire the necesarry certification and completion cards.

Most of them are actually hired already and are just completing the requirements for their work abroad.

Aug 29, 2008

CHP caregiving December 17-22

The Center for Healthcare Professions a caregiving school in Mandaue City has again requested us to conduct the First aid and Pro CPR training for their students.

The training was held at one of their branch in Mandaue City. The Caregiving center has actually two branches. One in Cebu and the other one in Mandaue City.

It is very fortunate to conduct the training for them since the owner is a good friend of mine. She is likewise an International Instructor on First aid and Pro CPR. However, due to her hectic schedule, she can no longer handle the course personally.

Among the different reliable instructor who can handle the training, she has chosen me to conduct the course.

Aug 28, 2008

CCSDTI December 11-14, 2007

Another First aid and Proc CPR Course under ECSI was conducted by our training center for CCSDTI caregiving school in Cebu City.

The Cebu Caregiving School has actually two branches. One in Cebu City and the other one in Toledo City.

This time the Cebu City branch or the main branch requested a training for their morning class students. Then again under the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) course.

The participants were also given a simulation drill on first aid response as well as an additional firefighting orientation training.

Aug 27, 2008

Disaster Management - Alcoy, Cebu

The Office of Civil Defense has invited me again to speak about First aid and Firefighting on one of their seminar. This time it was held at the Municipality of Alcoy.

This is a Municipality located at the south of Cebu which is accesible by land. The trip would usually be an hour and a half.

Once again, my lecture was good for a whole day seminar and was conducted on Dec 5, 2007.

The Municipal Mayor personally graced the affair together with some municipal councilors and was attended by different participants from the municipal government including baranggay health workers, police personnel as well as the fire department personnel. Even the municipal doctor attended the seminar.

It was again a very succesful lecture.

Aug 18, 2008

CCSDTI Nov 26-Dec 1, 2007

This is another night class for CCSDTI caregiving school. The students are mostly working students and are taking cargiving courses.

Usually the class starts at 5 pm and ends up at 9 pm.

I am very much impressed by people taking further education most especially if they are working already. Practically, this is something that can really help improve the knowledge and also will boost further our dreams and aspirations.

It may be so tiring but with discipline and determination, goals can be achieved.

The First aid and Pro CPR training was conducted for about 6 sessions.

Aug 12, 2008

Larmen De Guia Memorial College Nov 28-29, 2007

Larmen De Guia Memorial College has another batch of students taking our First aid and Pro CPR course. I believe this is the third batch of Nursing Students for the school that we have conducted the training for their Emergency Nursing Subject.

The training was done at the school premises. The third day was again devoted to response simulation wherein the students were given an emergency scenario to respond.

The students were also trained on how to escape during fire in an enclosed area.

Once again the training was very successful and worthwhile.

Aug 11, 2008

CHP Caregiving School Nov 12-16, 2007

I was again conducting another First aid and CPR training for CHP caregiving school in Mandaue City. The course duration was for 5 days and again we started out with First aid and ended up with simulation on emergency response.

It is really different when you incorporate some sort of emergency response at the end of the training since this will give the students an actual feel of what an emergency situation appears.

Several factors will really affect how the students would deal with the situation. During our simulation we include the presence of bystanders, a supposed to be relative of the victim, press or the media people during the drills. From the different scenarious, we could teach the student on how to responds to such additional conditions aside from the standard emergency problem.

Aug 7, 2008

CCSDTI Toledo Nov. 5-9, 2007

I was back again in Toledo City for another training on CCSDTI Caregiving School. As you notice the schedule lasted for about 5 days. This is because the class usually ends early.

To compensate for the time, the schedule is extended for 5 days instead of the usualy 3 days that I conduct the lecture.

The participants of the training are caregiving students of Cebu Center for Skills and Develepment Training Incorporated.

The last day was devoted to first aid simulation and response.

Aug 5, 2008

CCSDC October 24-26, 2007

Another batch of students for Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Center Caregiving School.

Once again we had First aid for the First day and Pro CPR for the second day. The third day was devoted for simulation on emergency cases.

The students were divided into groups and were given a case to respond and apply what they learned.

The simulation was again held at Mountain View Resort in Busay, Cebu City.

Aug 4, 2008

Talamban National High School

If you can recall, I was invited on two occasions for a lecture on Disaster Management Seminar for the Department of Education.

This time I was invited by the principal of the Talamban National High School in Cebu City to speak about first aid and other lifesaving procedures for teachers of the school.

The seminar was conducted at Talamban National High School and was attended to by the teachers of the school.

The event was through the effort of the school principal.

First Aid Lecture SRCDC

I offered First aid training for San Roque Child Development Center. This is actually a Montisouri School where my child is enrolled.

They have three different branches all over the Province. It was my intention to share with them the life saving knowledge.

I was very surprised of the outcome since all teachers from the different branches were present during the seminar.

Even the school president attended the session and was very happy about our offer.

Some teachers approach me and told me that they will be asking for more sessions later on since they want more hands on most especially on the CPR aspect.

Aug 3, 2008

Makati Development Corporation

Another lecture invitation from the Office of Civil Defense. This time was for the Makati Development Corporation employees located at the Banilad IT Park.

The Makati Development Corporation is a construction company which handles construction of Buildings and other establishment.

It is imperative that Disaster Management is crucial to learn for such kind of business.

My topic is first aid and the basic fo Firefighting as usual. I was again given the whole day to discuss the topic.