Nov 11, 2008

CCSDC Sept 3-5, 2008

On September 3-5, 2008, We had another round of training for CCSDC caregiving school. As usual, after their First aid and CPR module, the students final phase of training will be our ECSI First aid and Pro CPR course.

A total of twenty participants took the course. One of them was Merry Ann Catugal (2nd from right sitting). She is not a caregiver student but took the course as a preparatory for her instructors course. She actually works in Saudi Arabia.

Three other participants who are graduate of the school and have already taken our ECSI course joined again considering that they want to refresh themselves about the first aid procedures as well as renew their completion cards.

Nov 7, 2008

Caregiving Students of CCSDTI

Shortly after the training in Globe Innove, I had another schedule. This time it was with the Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Training Incorporated (CCSDCTI).

Our training center happens to be an affliate of CCSDTI both the Cebu Branch and the Toledo City branch. For each First aid or Emergency Care module, it is our training center that will handle and facilitate the training.

On August 26, 2008, we started with the course and it was actually good for four days. We have to adjust the number of hours per day to comply with the total number of hours to complete the course.

Mr. Diones Tizon one of our Instructor handled the Emergency Transportation topic.

Glove Innove Building - August 25-26, 2008

Our next training brought us to the Globe Innove Building in Ayala, Cebu City Phillipines. It was participated by some employees in the Building, nursings students from Cebu Doctors College of Nursing as well as Clinical Instructors of Cebu Doctors Nursing College.

Mr.Ignacio who happens to be the Building Safety Manager was kind enough to allow us to use the training room of the establishment. Along with this, employees of the company joined our training (safety officers, security officers, maintenance officers). Even Mr. Ignacio who has already undergone a lot of basic and advance safety training joined the program.

The nursing students also had thier share of return demonstration ranging from Adult CPR to Infant CPR as well as the use of AED.
Later in the afternoon it was the turn of the Clinical Instructors. They also attended the program to update themselves on the different aspects of First aid and CPR guidelines.