May 20, 2008

Instructors Development Course

I have succesfully finish the Instructors Course for the four Participants. I have one day of rest and start with the Standard First aid, CPR and AED provider course for the Taj Resort Employees.

It would be a tiring job since I will be conducting the course to at least 60 participants in two weeks time. But I am expecting that it will be fun and exciting.

I was told to coordinate with thier HR Officer since it will be the HR officer who will facilitate as to who will be joining the training each day.

Each department will be represented to insure that all areas of the resort will have a first aider and cpr provider. This is very advantageous scheme since this will guarantee that should an accident occur in the area, someone can provide the necesarry care.

The four participants for the ECSI IDC will be joining me from time to time to comply with the last requirement to becoming an ECSI Instructor. That is, to assist me during the provider course and conduct a course of their own.

This is the reason why I have decided to start with the Instruct0rs Development Course so that they will not have a hard time complying the last requirement. Find below the pictures during the IDC.

May 19, 2008

Taj Resort In Mali, Maldives

I was contacted by a Resort Located in Mali, Maldives to conduct Standard First aid, CPR and AED course on thier employees. The Taj Exotica Resort located in Mali, Maldives.

My travel expenses were all handled by the resort. Although my purpose was to conduct Standard First aid, CPR and AED provider course for the employees, the HR officer, and Safety Officer together with two other personnel from another hotel in the airport decided to take Instructor Development Course.

I have decided to start with the IDC Program since a basic requirement to pass the Instructors Development Course is to conduct one provider course after taking the Instructors Course. It would be an opportunity for them to conduct and and assist during the provider course for First aid and CPR to the resort employees.

Just to give you an overview of the resort, The Taj Exotica Resort and Spa is situated in the middle of one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives: Emboodhu Finolhu. Once known as the three coconut island, this romantic retreat is a haven of relaxation, peace and tranquility surrounded by clear blue waters and covered with tropical plants and coconut palms.

Facilities at Taj Exotica Resort And Spa

Balcony Rooms
Beach Front
Beauty Salon/Barber
Bicycle Rental
Children Pool
Foreign Exchange
Internet Access
Medical Service
Room Service
Safety Box
Souvenir Shop
Swimming Pool
Watersport Equipments

May 17, 2008

Office of Civil Defense- Disaster Management

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The Office of Civil Defense conducts Disaster Management Seminars to any organizations, groups, schools, universities, Local Government Units upon request.

Long before I have started with our training center. I have been the First aid and Firefighting instructor for the Office of Civil Defense-Region 7, during Disaster Management Seminars.

Instructors from the Philvocs, PAGASA, and other government agencies are invited to speak and share thier expertise and relevant informations and guidelines on what to do during earthquakes, volcanic eruption and calamites.

Feb 9, 2007 - I was invited to speak about Common Emergencies such as Fainting, Stroke, Fractures, Wounds, Poisoning and teach the participants on how to provide care. I was also tasked to speak about Fire and Fire Prevention. The Participants on this seminar were employees of Lexmark Information technology in Ayala Center Cebu.

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May 11, 2008

Southwestern Medical Technologist Students

first aid training, cpr training, aed training

On the 3 day of February 2007, we had our first opportunity to conduct First aid and Pro CPR seminar to Medical Technologist Students of Southwestern University. This was mad possible with the assistance of the Student Supreme Council Officers of the School.

Mr. Steve Selisana, who is one of the Clinical Instructors of the Med Tech students happened to have participate our BLS-ECSI course. After completion of our course, he made and endorsement for us to conduct the course for his students.

There were almost a hundred participants who joined the program which was held at the Audio Visual Room of the Med Tech Departments.

It was also participated by some clinical instructors of the Med Tech Department.

first aid training, cpr training, aed training

May 9, 2008

Gaining Ground on Emergency Care Courses

first aid training, cpr training, aed training

Another group of Healthcare Providers availed of our First aid Course as well as our Professional Rescuer CPR Course. There were 9 participant and all of them were Registered Nurse. We conducted the course in Lapu-lapu City on January 13-15 2007.

Then again the participants although nursess were able to update themselves on the latest guidelines of providing care as well as on the latest CPR guidelines.

A return demonstration on CPR, Bandaging, Emergency Transportation as well as the AED was the done on the second and third day of the Course. Afterwhich the participants were given a written exam.


first aid training, cpr training, aed training

May 5, 2008

Inquiries and Request

first aid training, cpr training, aed training

Despite the absence of advertisements by word of mouth we have recieved several inquiries after the CCSDC first aid training and CPR training. My partner, Mr. Boris Mabulay, is just starting out with our training center website and have not publish it yet. But we have already recieve calls, and text inquiries on how the training is conducted as well as other concerns like what other courses we can offer.

There were even Clinical Instructors from some Universities who have inquired on how to avail of our training as well as companies interested on Safety and Firefighting Training.

We decided that to effectively deliver the courses, additional equipments should be acquired.

Should you wish to avail of First aid, CPR and AED training visit our training center BASIC LIFESAVING SOLUTIONS

first aid training, cpr training, aed training

May 4, 2008

First CCSDC First Aid and Pro CPR Course

first aid training, cpr training, aed training

On January 4-7, 2007, we conducted our First Aid and Professional Rescuer CPR (BLS-ECSI 07 001-002) course with caregiving students from CCSDC. Though the students have already undergone First aid training as part of their module, this course was intended so that they will be able to acquire First aid comletion card and Professional CPR completion cards.

The training started at 8 in the morning where the participants registered and were issued handbooks from the Emergency Care and Safety Institute. After a short orientation, discussion on First aid and common emergencies followed.

The course actually was good for 3 days divide into three. On the First day, First aid and common emergencies life burns, fractures, wounds, bleeding, splinting and common medical problems like fainting, stroke, epilepsy, convulsion were discussed.

On the second day, was CPR and AED and adjunct devices with hands on CPR and AED return demonstration.

The last part of the course was done outdoors. It was held in Mountain View, Cebu City. During the simulation, the participants were divided into groups and were given different emergency scenarious for them to respond and apply what they have learned.

A written exam was also conducted for First aid and CPR as part of the course to comply with the standards set forth by ECSI.

Over all the course was a great success and all the participants had a very positive feedback on the whole First aid and CPR course including the simulation.


first aid training, cpr training, aed training

May 3, 2008

Caregiver Programs - CCSDC

first aid training, cpr training, aed training

After the first ECSI course we were contacted by a Caregiving Training Center in Cebu to provide Certifications and Completion Card for their caregiving students.

First aid and CPR are one of the modules incorporated in Caregiving Training.

The Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Center (CCSDC), a caregiving school located in Mel Go Bldg, Sanciangko St. Cebu City have been training Caregivers for almost 10 years. They are accredited by TESDA, a government agency to conduct and issue Caregiving Certificates. Most of their students have landed caregiving jobs in Canada and other foreign countries.

As noted, one of the basic requirements in working abroad is First Aid, CPR certification. It was for this reason that the school have affiliated with us for First aid and CPR Certifications and Completion Cards.

The administrators of the school have been inviting me for seminars long before when I was still the First aid instructor in the rescue unit.

With this development, our training center, Basic Lifesaving Solutions will facilitate, train, and issue First aid and CPR certifications of international acceptance to all their Caregiving Students.

first aid training, cpr training, aed training