May 3, 2008

Caregiver Programs - CCSDC

first aid training, cpr training, aed training

After the first ECSI course we were contacted by a Caregiving Training Center in Cebu to provide Certifications and Completion Card for their caregiving students.

First aid and CPR are one of the modules incorporated in Caregiving Training.

The Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Center (CCSDC), a caregiving school located in Mel Go Bldg, Sanciangko St. Cebu City have been training Caregivers for almost 10 years. They are accredited by TESDA, a government agency to conduct and issue Caregiving Certificates. Most of their students have landed caregiving jobs in Canada and other foreign countries.

As noted, one of the basic requirements in working abroad is First Aid, CPR certification. It was for this reason that the school have affiliated with us for First aid and CPR Certifications and Completion Cards.

The administrators of the school have been inviting me for seminars long before when I was still the First aid instructor in the rescue unit.

With this development, our training center, Basic Lifesaving Solutions will facilitate, train, and issue First aid and CPR certifications of international acceptance to all their Caregiving Students.

first aid training, cpr training, aed training

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