Aug 28, 2011

First Aid, Health Care CPR and ACLS Seminar, Cebu City, Philippines

Basic Life Support Course and ACLS Seminar
Cebu City Philippines
August 25-27, 2011

We have just finished our First aid, CPR and AED training (Basic Life Support Course) and Advance Cardiac Life Support Seminar in Cebu City. The training was held at the Nurselink Review Center which was also sponsored by the center.

The participants were all nurses coming from as far as Ozamis, Cagayan, and Negros. Obviously majority of those that joined are from Cebu City.

We had fun once again as the participants enjoyed a three day session on the basic aspect of Emergency Care including hands on intubation as well as basic ECG interpretation.

To join our training, simply CONTACT US. To view our schedules visit our CALENDAR page.

Basic Life Support Course (First aid, Health Care CPR) and ACLS Seminar - Cagayan De Oro City

On August 22-24, 2011 we were in Cagayan De Oro City conducting First aid, Health Care Provider CPR with ACLS Seminar. Once again the venue is the Skills Mastery Institute (SMI) facilitated by our coordinator Mrs. Delia Realista. It was once again another successful event. Some participants were from Iligan, Surigao and neighboring cities of Cagayan.

As usual, the participants had a refresher on the different aspects of Emergency Care such as Bandaging, Emergency Transportation, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. Moreover, Basic ECG interpretation was also tackled. They also took turns in performing hands on intubation as part of our ACSL seminar topics.

participants performing bandaging

cpr demonstration

hands on intubation

We will be back in Cagayan by September for another round of training. For those who are interested to join, simply contact us .

Aug 17, 2011

Kidapawan City First aid, Health Care CPR, and ACLS Seminar

We have just finished our Basic Life Support training in Kidapawan City. The training was held at Penongs Convention Center and started on August 15 which culminated today.

Each of the participants were trained on the different aspects of first aid including practical applications on bandaging. The participants also took turns in performing CPR and in performing "hands on intubation".

On the third day, the topic was about ECG interpretation and an exercise on basic interpreting was given to check if the participants were able to learn from the seminar.

Well, the seminar ended well and I am looking forward to conducting the same training in the area in the near future.

We will be proceeding back to Davao for our flight to Cebu by tomorrow morning. Our next schedule will be in Cagayan De Oro City on August 22-24.

Aug 11, 2011

Butuan City First aid, Health Care CPR Course and ACLS Seminar

First aid, Health Care Provider CPR course and ACLS Seminar
Elisa R. Ochoa Maternity Hospital
August 9-11, 2011
Butuan City, Philippines

After our training in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, we proceeded to Butuan City to conduct the same training. The venue of the training is the Elisa Ochoa Memorial Hospital. This is actually our third run on the hospital.

We are very happy indeed to be back in the hospital to conduct the program. It only shows that the administration and staff is indeed happy and satisfied with our performance during the first two sessions.

Well the 3 day program was another great success. Participated to by different nurses who are working in the hospitals and other participants who have just joined upon hearing about our program.

I am also very pleased to see some familiar faces, participants during our previous trainings who have told us that they were able to intubate already in an actual performance. Well, guys, I am proud of you and wish that you will accomplish more.

Shortly after the end of the course, I was told by our coordinator that by November this year, they will be coming up with our fourth run of training.

I am surely looking forward to that event...

Our next run, will be in Kidapawan City... will surely update you once we are done...


Aug 8, 2011

Tagbilaran City, Bohol - First aid, Health Care CPR and ACLS Seminar

First aid, Health Care Provider CPR and ACLS Seminar
Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
August 5-7, 2011

We have just finished our First aid, Health Care CPR and ACLS seminar training in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. The training was sponsored by Nurseways Review Center based in the city.

The review center caters to NCLEX Review, IELTS as well as our Basic Life Support Course and ACLS Seminar. A total of 17 participants joined our 3 day training and it once again, all the participants were indeed very happy to have joined our program.

Definitely, we will be having another schedule in Bohol. But as of the moment we have not finalized yet the specific date of training. We usually conduct training in Bohol on a monthly basis or once every 2 months depending on the number of participants.

For details on training schedules visit our website network CALENDAR... to contact us... 0926-739-1070

Aug 3, 2011

Training Journal Update

For the month ending of June and July, we have conducted training in different places once again. Though the turnout is not that high considering that this months are actually the season for graduation and board examinations.

However, I am still happy that we were able to conduct training on the following places:

Davao City, Cebu City, Tacloban City, General Santos City. and Cebu City Once again. For those who wish to vie the video on the latest CPR Guideline click here or click the picture below.

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