Apr 28, 2008

First aid and Pro CPR training

Our very first training was conducted on November 16-17, 2006. This has been attended to by two Registered nurses. The course was under the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI)

The two participants were also divers and were very much excited to take the course. Though they have background on the course outline and contents, this course have entitled them to recieve First aid and Pro CPR course completion card under the Emergency Care and Safety Institute through our training center Basic Life Saving Solutions

Mr. Jerome Flores and Mr. Jonathan Jay Jaca were the first participants who took our First aid training as well as Professional Rescuer CPR training. The training were based on the standard guidelines as mandated by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

It was not their first time to have attended such kind of training but obviously they were able to update themselves on the latest guidelines on First aid, CPR and the use of Automated External Defibrillator.

Aside from the First Aid, CPR and AED hands on training, they were also refresh on bandaging, splinting, emergency transportation. They were issued completion cards under the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons- Emergency Cares and Safety Institute, First aid and Pro CPR cards.


Apr 25, 2008

Our Affiliates

first aid training, cpr and aed

As of the moment two Caregiving Centers in Cebu have affiliated with our training center to conduct First aid, and Pro CPR training to their students for issuance of International Completion Cards.

Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Center

Cebu Center for Studies and Development Incorporated

We have been consistently invited to conduct lectures to different Universities, Organizations, Companies to conduct and First aid, Firefighting and other Emergency Care Courses

To view our upcoming and completed lectures click here

first aid training, cpr and aed

Apr 23, 2008

Training Centers and Organization

first aid cpr and aed training

Well, there are several Organization or Institutes that offers Emergency Care Courses. This organization offers different kinds of Health and Safety courses through thier accredited instructors.

They also accredit training centers from different countries to deliver International Safety Courses based on standard guidelines. Below are the list of the different Organizations or Institutes that are Internationally recognized:

American Heart Association

American Red Cross

American Safety and Health Institute

Emergency Care and Safety Institute

National Safety Council

OUR Training Center Basic Lifesaving Solutions is accredited by The Emergency care and Safety Institute as well as the American Safety and Health Institute

first aid, cpr and aed training

Emergency Care Courses

first aid cpr and aed training

There are different courses for safety, First aid is just one of them. Most of these courses are designed for different scenarios and for the participants needs based on his work or lifestyle.

Our training center offers the following coures:

First Aid
First Aid, CPR, and AED Standard
Layperson CPR
Professional Rescuer CPR
Professional Rescuer CPR Online
Sports First Aid and Injury Prevention
Wilderness First Aid
BLAST - Babysitting Safety
Bloodborne Pathogens
PedFACTs - Pediatric First Aid for Caregivers and Teachers
eACLS - (coming soon)

To contact us simply visit our training center website, Click Here

Considering that we have been accredited by The Emergency Care and Safety Institute and the American Safety and Health Institute we will be issuing completion cards, certifications with International acceptance to any participant who succesfuly completed or course requirements such as written exams and skills evaluation or drills.

For verification you may click the link below which will direct you to the instittute websites verification area.

For the Emergency Care and Safety Institute click here

For the American Safety and Health Institute click here

For PedFACTS verification click here

first aid, cpr and aed training

Apr 20, 2008

Instructors - Basic Lifesaving Solutions

first aid, cpr, aed training

We are proud to have the following internationally recognized instructors under our training center.

Each of our instructors have their own specialization and are accredited instructors from the United States.










first aid, cpr, aed training

Apr 10, 2008

Training Director

Meet our Training Center Director

Grace A. Obregon R.N (2nd from left). During one of the helicopter rappelling and rescue practice. She has worked with the rescue unit as a Nurse-Paramedic and have been assigned as an in house instructor for the rescue units Paramedic Program as well as it First aid and other Emergency Care Courses program for the community.

She is now a Management consultant in one of the Export Processing Zone companies in Lapu-lapu City and is presently the Training Center Director of our training center, Basic Lifesaving Solutions

first aid training, Pro CPR

Apr 9, 2008

First aid training and other emergency care courses

After getting an Instructor Trainer approval from the Emergency Care and Safety Institute, I opened up a training center.


To visit our website click below


Apr 8, 2008

International Instructor

first aid cpr and aed training

Aside from being the designated instructor for our City's Disaster Coordinating Council programs, I was able accepted as an International Instructor for Emergency Care Courses under the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) U.S.A.

With this approval, I can now train Emergency Care Courses to any individual who are interested and issue completion cards of International acceptance. These courses are as follows:

  • First Aid
  • Advance First Aid
  • CPR for workplace employees
  • Professional Rescuer CPR
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Baby sitting safety course
I was also accredited by the American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) to conduct Pediatric First aid For Teachers and Caregivers (PedFACTs) course.

Considering that I have been a rescuer for 13 years and have been conducting First aid training, lectures and demonstration, the institute have elevated my status from being and Institute Instructor to becoming an Instructor Trainer. This actually authorize me to conduct and train qualified individuals to become International Instructors under the Institute.

first aid cpr and aed training

Apr 6, 2008

Swat Tactical Medic

first aid training

On 2003, I resigned from the rescue unit and was hired by the City of Lapu-lapu to Join the city's Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) of the Lapu-lapu City Police. I was the designated TACTICAL MEDIC.

The SWAT Unit was a project of the Lapu-lapu City Mayor. Selected police personnel were trained to become the first members of the SWAT unit. They have to undergo Urban Counter Revolutionary Warfare Course (UCRWC) training to become a qualified SWAT operative.

My fellow tactical medic and I joined the UCRWC course and have earned our certificate of training.

From the thrills of the ambulance and emergencies, my new job now includes joining in SWAT operations as well as conducting Disaster Management Seminar since I was also designated to become the Disaster Management Instructor for our City's Disaster Management Programs.

SWAT CQB practice (left) and First Aid Seminar (bottom).

first aid training

Apr 5, 2008

My Trainings

first aid training

During my stint with the rescue unit, I have undergone several trainings that have improve my knowledge on both basic and advance cardiac life support.

I was also lucky to have undergone foreign training which have introduce me to the different procedures in the Emergency Medical Services on a foreign land which have greatly contributed to my abilities in handling and responding to emergency calls.

Ambulance duty training in Hoofdorp, Netherlands. This picture is a simulated pinned down case where I acted as the head paramedic of the ambulance unit.

My search and rescue training at the Fire training center. My buddy and I was designated to search for a missing person left inside a burning building.

Advance Road Rescue and Extrication training at the Hoofdorp Fire Department. A simulated vehicular accident scenario involving three vehicles. The patient or victims have to be extricated from the wreck.

Incident Command System

Being the incident commander is not an easy job. This is me during incident command system simulation acting as the Incident Commander directing the Fire and Ambulance personnel on what actions to take.

first aid training

My Daily Job

first aid training

Being a paramedic is really a challenging job. You can never tell what kind of action you will encounter each duty day. There were also times that we have no runs but its very rare that not to have an ambulance call each duty.

I also conduct lectures on First aid, CPR and Firefighting since I was designated to become one of the Instructors of the rescue unit. I deliver lectures to our new volunteers as well as to different companies, schools, organization who request for training and seminars on different lifesaving courses.

This is an actual emergency response involving a vehicular accident. There were 4 people who died during this accident and several injured victims. We conducted triage at the site and transported the victims to the hospital.

That is me (2nd from left) during the transport of an injured victim. The picture is a scanned picture from a local newspaper (Sunstar Daily) published in our city.

first aid training

Rescue Unit in Lapu-lapu

first aid training

Considering the need of effective and swift emergency medical services, the local government of Lapu Lapu decided to open up a branch of our rescue unit in their city. Me, being a resident of the place, was one of the pioneer paramedics assigned in the station.

This picture was taken during a rescue demonstration at the old Lahug airport in Cebu City. It was during one of the anniversaries of our rescue unit that we held this rescue demonstration.

Paramedic Training

first aid training
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Cebu, Philippines

I have graduated from my accountancy course but instead of concentrating on my field of education I decided to stick it out with the rescue unit. I have undergone several training from basic to advance first aid as well as basic to advance firefighting. I have also undergone advance cardiac life support course and other related lifesaving procedures. That is me on the center, as featured by one of the daily newspapers. We were actually demonstrating Advance Cardiac Life Support procedure using an intubation manequen and an ECG simulator.

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Cebu, Philippines
first aid training