Apr 28, 2008

First aid and Pro CPR training

Our very first training was conducted on November 16-17, 2006. This has been attended to by two Registered nurses. The course was under the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI)

The two participants were also divers and were very much excited to take the course. Though they have background on the course outline and contents, this course have entitled them to recieve First aid and Pro CPR course completion card under the Emergency Care and Safety Institute through our training center Basic Life Saving Solutions

Mr. Jerome Flores and Mr. Jonathan Jay Jaca were the first participants who took our First aid training as well as Professional Rescuer CPR training. The training were based on the standard guidelines as mandated by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

It was not their first time to have attended such kind of training but obviously they were able to update themselves on the latest guidelines on First aid, CPR and the use of Automated External Defibrillator.

Aside from the First Aid, CPR and AED hands on training, they were also refresh on bandaging, splinting, emergency transportation. They were issued completion cards under the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons- Emergency Cares and Safety Institute, First aid and Pro CPR cards.


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