Aug 29, 2009

American Dream Review Cebu City

Our First aid and Pro CPR Training with American Dream Review Center in Cebu City. A total of 14 participants joined the training and the course was held for 3 days considering that we have included Basic ECG reading on the third day.

Aug 26, 2009

Training Center Lecture

We were able to conduct our first training in our Training Center. A total of 14 participants joined the training. We have not formally opened yet our training center but we are proud indeed that we already have people coming in for training.

We will surely be conducting more training programs in our Training Center in due time.

The training center is equipped with the latest equipment for training. It can accommodate at least 25 participants in one setting with large LCD TV for presentation and surround sound system for better video and lecture experience.

Aug 25, 2009

Pilar Camotes

I was again invited by the Office Of Civil Defense to speak about First aid on one of their Disaster Management Seminar. This time the venue was in Pilar Camotes.

The Municipality is on a separate island from Camotes proper. It was the first time that I have set foot on the island and I was really amazed by the sandy white beaches. So and so that I took a picture of the island prior to disembarking from the boat.

My topic was on the first day of the seminar and no less than the beloved mayor of the Municipality graced the seminar with his opening remarks. Participants during the seminar were school teachers, municipal employees, baranggay officials.

After my turn, I immediately boarded a boat so I could get back to the city of Cebu in time for my training the following day.

Aug 20, 2009

Upcoming Schedules

Our TRAINING CENTER will be conducting training on the schedules posted below. Should you be interested to join kindly contact me at my email address: or visit our website and fill up the contact us form at

First Aid, Pro CPR Training with Basic ECG reading:

  • July 27-29, Venue: Amdream Review Center, Cebu Branch
  • Aug 31-Sept 2, Venue: Amdream Review Center, Dumaguete Branch
We are also offering fun diving program for those who want to experience the fun and thrill beneath the sea. Contact us for more information.

Aug 14, 2009

First aid Pro CPR Training

We will soon be opening our New Training Center in Lapu Lapu City. This is in response to the ever growing number of request and trainings. This new training center area is specially designed to cater not only for our Basic Life Support Courses but also for our ACLS courses. CLICK HERE to view our training center location.

Despite that fact the we have not formally opened yet, two nurses requested us to conduct First aid and Pro CPR training for them considering that they need the completion cards for their application abroad.

We conducted the program at our new training center area for the two of them and it all went well. They were given completion cards from ECSI after completion of the course with corresponding wall certificates approved by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

Aug 12, 2009

First aid and PRO CPR August 10-12, 2009

Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Center
First aid and Pro CPR Training

We had another round of First aid and Pro CPR training with caregiving students of Cebu Caregiving Studies and Developlment Center commonly known as CCSDC.

The school has been our affiliate for quite a long time and as always, during the final phase of their Emergency Care Module, our training center conducts the First aid and Pro CPR training for them to acquire the ECSI First aid and Pro CPR completion cards.

A total of 31 students joined the course and it was really fun. The training was scheduled for three days since the last day was devoted for Rescue Simulation where students will respond on a given emergency scenario and apply what they have learned.

Considering that there were 31 students we have divided them into different groups and have created a scenario for each of the group. The students were then graded on their performance.

The last day of the training was held in Portofino Beach Resort in Lapu-lapu City.

Aside from the standard training we have also included fun diving activities through our affiliate instructor Mr. Emi Bonghanoy along with his staff. Considering that the activity was held in the beach, it was really well worth it. Each students were given a lecture on the basics of scuba diving and after such, they were provided with scuba gears for the application. All of the students really enjoyed the program. In fact some of them are planning of taking a scuba diving course later on to obtain a scuba diving license.

Aug 2, 2009

First aid and Pro CPR Training

July 30-August 1, 2009

The American Dream Review Center once again sponsored another round of First aid and Pro CPR training. A total of 50 participants joined the training and once again it was very successful.

Some of the participants were from out of town and traveled here in Cebu just to join the course.


Aug 1, 2009

Disaster Management Seminars

Municipality of San Remegio
Disaster Management Seminar
July 28, 2009

The office of Civil Defense conducted a Disaster Management Seminar in San Remegio. A municipality in the south about 3-4 hours bus ride from the Capitol. I am the designated speaker for First aid and Firefighting topics. No less than the mayor of San Remegio grace the affair and of course it was very successful. The participants were mostly Baranggay Officials, Public School Teachers, Municipal Employees and department heads.

Municipality of Catmon
Disaster Management Seminar
July 29, 2009

Just right after my seminar, I proceeded to the Municipality of Catmon for another speaking engagement. This time my participants were mostly from the Baranggay considering that the seminar was facilitated by the President of the Association of Baranggay Councils (ABC), who also sits in the Municipal Council, Councilor Archie.

The Municipal planning officer as well as other Municipal employees were also there making the program a very succesful one indeed. The members of the Municipa Firefighting Volunteer Team were also there in full force.