Sep 30, 2008

American Dream Review Center

( Basic ECG Reading Interpretation lecture, Grace Obregon RN.-BLS Training Center Director)

On July10-12 2008 we conducted another round of First aid and Pro CPR training with the American Dream Review Center in Cebu, Philippines.

This has been a monthly course for us with the American Dream Review Center. The good thing is the number of participants has greatly increased.

As of this training, more than 40 participants joined the training composed mostly nurses. One participant was a high school student who will be leaving for the United States just a few days after the training. This is probably the reason why she joined the course since it would be a great advantage for her.

The First and second day were about First aid and CPR. The third day was devoted to Basic ECG reading which was handled by our Training Center Director, Grace Obregon

All ends well during the lecture and we are looking forward for another round of First aid and Pro CPR in the following month.

Sep 29, 2008

Registered Nurses - Lapu Lapu City, Philippines

First aid, Pro CPR Training - July 7-8, 2008
Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines

Some group of nurses requested me again to conduct First aid and Pro CPR with international completion cards issuance. They happened to have heard about me from a friend who has taken the course earlier. They have worked with the local hospital in Lapu-lapu and some of them are still connected until now.

They are interested to undergo First aid training as well as CPR training to update their knowledge and skill. They were also interested to get the completion cards to support their aplication for work abroad.

Although not all of them are applying outside but the completion cards would sure come in handy later on.

One of the participant is a resident in Lapu-lapu and has offered her place for training. It was really a great place since we conducted the training in a rooftop of their place.

Practically the participants enjoyed the program and somewhat had the feeling of being at home.
So the course was done with ease and it was really a good learning experience for them.

I was told that they will also endorse our training to some of their friends.

Sep 28, 2008

On June 27-29 The American Dream Review Center in Bohol has scheduled another round of First aid and Pro CPR training. It was held at their review center in Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines. More than 20 participants joined the training. Most of the participants were actually told by their friends who joined the previous group.

The participants were trained on First aid which included providing care to different types of emergencies ranging burns, wounds, fracture, poisoning, shock and many other health related problems.
Cardio-Pulomonary Resuscitation was also discuss based on the latest guidelines. Providing CPR to adults as well as to chilren and infants were
elaborated including two rescuer CPR.
Well, the course was
for nurses so what we have introduced was Pro CPR
procedures. Since Pro CPR also involves the knowledge of Automated
External Defibrillator, we have also
conducted the and trained the participants on the use of the AED. Each of them were
given time to familiarize how to use the AED as well as hand on use of the AED together with CPR application.
Bandaging was also taught. The students were paired and were guided on how to apply the bandage from head to foot using different folds of the triangular bandage.
From bandaging, we shifted to emergency transportation. Each participants again performed the different categories of one man carry, two man carry, three man carry. Moreover, rolls and drags as well as improvision of items for carry such as the use of a blanket, poles and others were also introduced.

first aid, cpr and aed training
Philippines, International

Sep 27, 2008

Larmen De Guia Memorial College June 19-21, 2008

The level IV nursing students of Larmen De Guia College of Nursing had their emergency nursing module. Again our group was requested to conduct the training for them which was assisted by thier clinical instructors. Miss Claire, started the program which was for a 3 day duration. The first and second day was held at Larmen De Guia in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.

Topics discuss were about First aid and CPR. These of course include Bandaging and emergency transportation. More than 80 students have joined the training and was fully supported by the administration. The second day was more on practical activities such as bandaging and emergency transportation. The students also were given time to practice on CPR demonstration.

The third day was held at Portofino Resort in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. It was a day for simulation and emergency response. Well it was also a day for fun and enjoyment!
One of the student was strapped on a backboard with a spider strap and was being carried by the some students around the resort.
It was indeed a day of fun and learning. Also a time to relax. Being in the level 4 is not an easy task. So many requirements to comply not to mention the preparation for graduation. Well, at least they had time to pose for pictures and show their best smile.

Disaster Management Seminar- Dalaguete, Cebu, Philippines

I was again invited to speak during the Disaster Management Seminar conducted by the Office of Civil Defense. The Seminar was held in the Municipality of Dalaguete.

Dalaguete is more or less 60 kilometers south of Cebu City. The seminar which was good for three days was attended by the different Municipal employees as well as the municipal councilors, Baranggay Chairman, and Department of Education teachers from the municipality.

The Honorable Mayor of Dalaguete during the delivery of his welcome address to the participants. Also on front left side is Mrs. Estrellita Escanan, the Office of Civil Defense Regional Coordinator.

The Seminar was a resounding success so and so that some of the participants particularly from the Department of Education approach me and told me that they will be inviting me soon to speak about First aid and Safety on a seminar that they will probably schedule later on.

CCSDC Caregiving School

The Participants and Instructors during the CCSDC First aid and Pro CPR course at Mountain View Resort, Cebu City, Philippines. Course was conducted under ECSI Emergency Care Courses Programs.

This is another round of First aid and Pro CPR training for CCSDC caregiving students. The training was conducted from June 4-6, 2008. The first two days were held at the CCSDC building in Sanciangko, Cebu City.

Mr. Diones Tizon giving instrucstion on prior to CPR return demonstration. Edylin Resabal (black shirt) the license teacher who joined the caregiving students.

All the participants for the course were caregiving students of the school except for one who is a licensed teacher. She wanted to take the course since she is set to leave for Singapore and would be teaching there. She took the course to gain additional knowledge on First aid and CPR and at the same time to received a First aid and Pro CPR card which is a requirement for her job abroad.

During the third day, splinting, and emergency transportation as well as first aid simulations were conducted. It was held at Mountain View Resort in Cebu City. The students were divided into group and were given problems to respond. The problems vary from wounds, fractures, cardiac arrest.

Basically each group will respond to a scenario where they will have to apply all that they have learned from the training.

Of course prior to the response, a warm up exercise was done. This is to prepare them for the actual response during the emergency response simulations. Mr. Diones Tizon who handles their caregiving module for First aid, leads the warm up exercises.

A written exam was also given for the ECSI completion card compliance. Each student were given two exams. One for first aid and one for CPR.

This is one of the group who responded to the first aid simulation drill. Their case involves a victim of burn and inhalation poisoning. They recovered the victim from inside a house and brought the body in a safe area prior to providing care.

Sep 20, 2008

Group of Nurses

Some nurses have group together and requested me to conduct ECSI international course on First aid and Pro CPR for them. I was told that I was endorsed by one of their colleague who have taken my course earlier.

They are actually nurses working in one hospital in Cebu, the Visayas Community Hospital. There were supposed to be more participants who have wanted to join the course but could not because of the change in their hospital duties.

They were the ones who arranged for the venue and arranged for the whole set up. All I did was went to the area and conducted the lecture for them.

They even had one friend who went all the way from Cagayan who joined the training.

The course was conducted on May 31-June 1 2008.

CHP Caregiving Students Morning and Evening Class

I conducted another training for CHP caregiving students. This time the course was divided into two schedules. One for the Morning Class and the other for the Evening Class.

There were more that 40 participants for the morning class and the schedule was from May 26-30, 2008.

The evening class was conducted May 26-31 from 5pm to 9pm shortly after the end of the Morning class. It was quite tiring on my part since I have to conduct the course from 8am in the morning until the 9pm in the evening.

But I really don't care since I also enjoyed and the students were also very participative.

Sep 12, 2008

American Dream Review Center - Bohol

I was contacted by the Administrator of American Dream Bohol branch and was asked to conduct First aid and Pro CPR course to their branch in Bohol. It was my first time to handle a course in Bohol and of course, I was very excited. The course was about two days.

I brought along Mr. Diones Tizon, one of our intstructors to assist during the conduct of the course.
(Mr. Diones Tizon watching the timer and observing the return demonstration on infant CPR)

One of the participant was a British National who is presently staying in Bohol. He was very interested to join the course since he wanted to update himself on First aid and Pro CPR guidelines. He was a safety officer in one company in United Kingdom prior to staying in the Philippines. I was very happy that he gave our training a positive response during the evaluation.

(Mr. Mark Cooks during the CPR return demo)

Municipality Of Boljoon, Cebu, Philippines

The office of Civil Defense has invited me again to discuss First aid and Basic Firefighting to their municipal employees.

The Seminar was about Disaster Preparedness and was a three day course. This was through the effort of Mrs. Esterlleta Escanan, the Muncipal Civil Defense Coordinator.
I was there on the second day, May 20, 2008. From 9am to 2pm I talked about first aid and the remaining hours was devoted to firefighting.

Sep 10, 2008


We were contacted by American Dream Review Center a nursing review center in Cebu to conduct First aid and CPR provider course for them. For me this is a really good break for our training since I have long wanted to offer our course to nursing review centers.

The American Review Center has different branches. The training was held at their Cebu Branch in Fuente Osmena, Cebu City, Philippines.
Instead of the standard 2 day lecture for the course, we conducted the course for three days since we have incorporated Basic ECG reading for the participants.

The course was very successful. More than 20 participants joined the training. The First day was devoted to First aid discussion. On the second day, CPR and return demonstration was the main course.
On the third day, our Training Center Director handled the Basic ECG Interpretation and at the end of the course, we distributed an evaluation form for the participants to give them an opportunity to evaluate us.
On the third day, Basic ECG interpretation was the main topic on the third day.
first aid training, cpr training, Cebu City, Philippines, International

Sep 8, 2008

Lecture Schedules Summary Jan 24 - May 14, 2008

From 24th of January to the 14th of May, our group has been busy conducting lectures to different groups. This group varies from companies, schools, caregiving centers as well as people who have grouped together for training.

To view the details click here

24 Jan 08 CPR Orientation lecture invitation St. Louis High School Students Mandaue City

26 - 27 Jan 08 Basic First Aid, CPR Pro w/ AED, Registered Nurses, Lapu-Lapu City

07 Feb 08Basic First Aid, Fire Fighting Orientation -Carcar City Hall Employees, Carcar City, Cebu

12 Feb 08 Basic Fire Fighting Training - Autoliv Phils.MEPZ 1, Lapu-lapu City

13 - 15 Feb 08Basic First AidCPR Pro w/ AED - CCSDC Caregiver,Cebu City

26 Feb 08PedFACTS - CCSDC Caregiver, Cebu City

27 - 28 Feb 08 Basic First AidCPR w/ AED - Brgy. Health WorkersCamotes Island, Cebu

06 March 08Basic First Aid, Fire Fighting Orientation - Building TenantsBanilad IT 1, Cebu City

10 - 11 March 08Basic First Aid,CPR w/ AED -CEMEX Corporation, Naga City

13 March 08Basic First AidFire Fighting Orientation -Security & Safety Personnel East Aurora Bldg.Cebu City

15 March 08 Basic First AidFire Fighting Orientation - Building TenantsBanilad IT 2, Cebu City

24 - 25 March 08 Basic First AidCPR w/ AED -Bank Employees Central Bank of the Philippines, Cebu City

27 March 08Basic First Aid, Fire Fighting Orientation - San FernandoMunicipal Employees, San Fernando, Cebu

28 March 08Basic First Aid - Oakridge RealtyOakridge Realty PersonnelMandaue City

01 - 02 April 08Basic First AidCPR Pro w/ AED -USJ-R HRM Instructors, Cebu City

12 - 13 April 08 Basic First AidCPR Pro w/ AED - Registered Nurses, Cebu City

16 - 18 April 08Basic First AidCPR Pro w/ AED - CCSDC Caregiver, Cebu City

19 April 08 PedFACTS - CCSDC Caregiver, Cebu City

05 - 06 May 08Basic First Aid, CPR w/ AED - Mastercrafts Employees, Mandaue City

07 May 08Basic First Aid, Fire Fighting Orientation - Alegria Municipal Employees, Alegria, Cebu

13 - 14 May 08Basic First Aid, CPR w/ AED - Brgy. Health Workers &Day Care Teacher, SanFranscisco, Camotes Island, Cebu

Sep 7, 2008

UPS Cebu Branch

During the last order of handbooks for my previous course, I have advised the courier, United Parcel Services that I will have the shipment pick up instead of having it delivered. I believe it was a good thing that I did, since I was able to meet the branch manager in Mandaue City.

I was able to explain to him about the course and the training center. He was very interested about the program so and so that he has requested me to conduct a seminar to their employees, to which I readily accepted.

The seminar was conducted in their office and from the looks of it, the participants really enjoyed as well as learned a lot of thing during the First aid seminar.

Sep 2, 2008

CCSDC ECSI course January 9-11, 2008

Once again the Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Center has requested us to conduct training for their students.

This is our first course for the said center for this year. If you have noticed, we have provided First aid and Pro CPR training for their students every month.

I have become part of the CCSDC family since I have been helping them in the training for Emergency Care Courses for quite a long time.