Sep 27, 2008

CCSDC Caregiving School

The Participants and Instructors during the CCSDC First aid and Pro CPR course at Mountain View Resort, Cebu City, Philippines. Course was conducted under ECSI Emergency Care Courses Programs.

This is another round of First aid and Pro CPR training for CCSDC caregiving students. The training was conducted from June 4-6, 2008. The first two days were held at the CCSDC building in Sanciangko, Cebu City.

Mr. Diones Tizon giving instrucstion on prior to CPR return demonstration. Edylin Resabal (black shirt) the license teacher who joined the caregiving students.

All the participants for the course were caregiving students of the school except for one who is a licensed teacher. She wanted to take the course since she is set to leave for Singapore and would be teaching there. She took the course to gain additional knowledge on First aid and CPR and at the same time to received a First aid and Pro CPR card which is a requirement for her job abroad.

During the third day, splinting, and emergency transportation as well as first aid simulations were conducted. It was held at Mountain View Resort in Cebu City. The students were divided into group and were given problems to respond. The problems vary from wounds, fractures, cardiac arrest.

Basically each group will respond to a scenario where they will have to apply all that they have learned from the training.

Of course prior to the response, a warm up exercise was done. This is to prepare them for the actual response during the emergency response simulations. Mr. Diones Tizon who handles their caregiving module for First aid, leads the warm up exercises.

A written exam was also given for the ECSI completion card compliance. Each student were given two exams. One for first aid and one for CPR.

This is one of the group who responded to the first aid simulation drill. Their case involves a victim of burn and inhalation poisoning. They recovered the victim from inside a house and brought the body in a safe area prior to providing care.

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