Oct 31, 2008

American Dream Review Center

After the training in Bohol, Philippines of American Dream, the Cebu Branch held another round of training. This was on Aug 21-23, 2008. More than 50 participants participated the First aid and Pro CPR course.

One anticipated part of the course aside from the CPR is the Basic ECG interpretation. The topic was handled by our Training Center Director, Grace Obregon.

As an added bonus, we have also introduced to the students the proper use of the BVM and the different advance airway devices. This is to prepare them should they be taking ACLS courses later on. A lot of participant are actually clamoring for ACLS course eversince. Obviously ACLS is a very useful for nurses and healthcare providers. It is our intention to conduct ACLS courses soon. We are on the process of gathering the necesarry equipments of ACLS training.

Moreover, we have already submitted our application for ACLS training center approval. As you can see, anyone can conduct trainings on Basic Life Support as well as Advance Cardiac Life Support for as long as you know the topic. The only problem would be is if that person or group is accredited. Without approval and accreditation, the certificates and completion cards would not be acceptable abroad.

Just think of the completion cards as a sort of a driver's license. If you have a drivers license issued in the Philippines, then you can drive in the Philippines. But if you go to other countries, then you have to secure an international license. Though the completion cards are not licenses, I believe that you know what I mean.

As for our courses, we issue cards from either the Emergency Care Safety Institute or from the American Safety and Health Institute from the United States. In other words the cards are from the Institute itself, not printed by us. Printing cards on your own and placing the names of the institute on it is not allowed since they are the ones who will provide the card and all I need to do is sign the cards and issue them.

Oct 26, 2008

American Dream Review Center in Bohol

I was back again in Bohol (August 14-16) for another round of training. A total of 11 participants joined the course. There were those who were not able to join since there was a conflict of schedule. Anyway, there was no problem at all since it was still a succesful lecture.

Two participants are actually ready to go abroad and have been advised to secure First aid and Pro CPR training completion cards based on international standards. This is the reason why they have joined the training.

As usual, the participants were able to learn updates on the latest guidelines on First aid and CPR and at the same time were able to do hands on and practical demonstration on CPR, Bansaging and Emergency Transportation.

Oct 21, 2008

First aid and CPR Training Updates


From the 5th day of August up to the 13th day, our group was busy on the following schedules and invitations:

August 5 First aid and Firefigthing seminar. The participants were building contractors of SM Sheraton Hotel.

August 7 Pro CPR Workshop on University of Cebu Level IV nursing students.

August 9 First aid and CPR seminar - Public School Teachers from Cawayan Central School, Dalaguete, Cebu Province.

August 11-13, 20 Pro CPr Workshop University of Cebu Level IV nursing students.

This is the final batch of University of Cebu Level IV nursing students. A total of 1500 students were trained by our group for the two month period. The school has actually contacted us previously and the number was around 1,200. Now it has reached more than 1500 students. And you have to take note that such number is just for the level IV alone.

Oct 14, 2008

Registered Nurses

Another group of Nurses has inivite us to conduct First aid and Pro CPR training for them. Most of them are employees of Chong Hua Hospital assigned in different departments.

It was actually an endorsement from one of thier friend who have taken our course earlier that led them to our group.

One of the participant offered her place as a venue for training in Cebu City. All the participants are actually residence of Cebu City and it would be practical to conduct the training in thier area of choice.
The participants told me that some of thier friends are also interested but will be requesting later since as of the moment they are still busy with their work schedule.

Oct 8, 2008

University Of Cebu College of Nursing - Banilad

University of Cebu - Banilad

College of Nursing

Once again the University of Cebu College Level IV nursing admin has requested us to conduct CPR training for their students. Just about the same time last year we were the ones who conducted the training for the Level IV nursing students.

The number of level IV nursing students has increased compared from the number last year. A total of 1500 students participated our workshop on CPR.

Considering the number, we have divided them by section and started on July 28, 2008. The student really had fun during the training. All of them are have duty training to different hospitals and eventually will be exposed to different hospital settings. This means that sooner or later they will be performing CPR.

Oct 1, 2008

Lecture Invitations

On July 22, 2008 I was in Bogo City as per invitation of the Office of Civil Defense. They conducted another Disaster Management Seminar in Bogo. I was the speaker once again for First aid and Firefigthing.

Cebu Institute of Technology
Cebu City, Philippines
Lecture Invitation

On July 26, 2008 The Cebu Institute of Technology, CIT, through its Health Services Department sponsored a sympossium on First aid and Basic Life Support. Once again, I was invited as the speaker of their half day program.

The sympossium was attended to by more than 500 participants ranging from 1st year to 4th year high school students including college students.

The participants were also given a chance to do some hand on CPR (return demonstration) although not all of them considering their number.

To view more pictures click here.

The School Doctor, and the rest of the school's Health Services Department Personnel attended the program and even assisted when some of the students performed a return demonstration on CPR I am very glad that they were really satisfied with the result.

Cebu Caregiving Students July 2008 Batch

CCCSDC - Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Center Caregiving Student July 2008 Batch for First aid and Pro CPR Training.
There were more than 20 participants who took our course for July 2008.
During the First day and second day, the course was held at the CCSDC Training Center in Sanciangko St. Cebu City, Philippines.
Once again, the most awaited part was the Rescue Simulation which was held at the Mountain View Resort in Cebu City. The participants were divided into four groups and were given an emergency scenario to respond.
This is actually some sort of test for them to apply what they have
learned during the course. during their response, their actions and performance are
being observed and are evaluated.
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