Sep 13, 2009

First aid and Pro CPR

Basic Lifesaving Solutions Training Center
Sept 13, 2009

We have conducted training in our Training Center. A total of 5 participants joined the training. They are newly registered nurses who once joined our Basic Life Support Seminar and wanted to update their knowledge.

They took our international course on First aid and Pro CPR and all of them were able to pass the our program.

This was the second time that we have conducted the course in our training center despite the fact that we have not fully opened yet. Nevertheless, we take proud with our center considering that it is equipped with the necessary equipments for BLS , ACLS training.

Likewise, it is also equipped with the latest equipment for classroom discussion and presentation.

September 21-23, 2009

Talima Dive Rangers
Baranggay Talima, Lapu-lapu City
Sept 12, 2009

(SWAT 1st Sgt. Canete performing CPR together with fellow dive ranger during CPR demonstration)

During our Scuba Diving Lesson, I had the opportunity to train some dive rangers in Barrangay Talima. The personnel are assigned to monitor the place for any illegal activities that might destroy the sanctuary. They are also assigned to assist any person visiting the area to dive and discover the beauty of the sea.

The members of the team were trained on Basic Life Support which includes the basic First aid and CPR. They also did a return demonstration on the application of splints, emergency transportation as well the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

The place has become a haven for divers and those who just want to snorkel to see the beauty of the sea, the corals and the fishes.

With the dive rangers learning First aid and CPR training, I am sure that people will be inclined to go to the place not only because of its beauty but also because they are safe.....

We would like to thank Mam Quene the owner of Talima Resort, her staff as well as Polaris Dive Center for the assistance given during the conduct of the training.

BLS Seminar Globe Innove Building

Globe Innove Building
September 11, 2009

Our group conducted a refresher course on Basic Life Support. It was held in Globe Innove Building, Ayala Business Center Area, Cebu City.

The participants were mostly registered nurses and several employees of the Building. More than 20 participants joined the training and it was really a fun day as well as a great day for learning.

The participants had a review on providing Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation as well as providing rescue breathing. They were also taught on the use of Adjunct Devices including the use of Automated External Defibrillator.

Sep 4, 2009

American Dream Review Dumaguete

Our First aid and Pro CPR training conducted in Dumaguete City.

It was another round of training conducted in the City of Dumaguete sponsored by American Dream Review Center.

The picture was taken during the Bandaging Return Demonstration.