Feb 26, 2009

Cebu Dental Society

The Cebu Dental Society Basic Life Support Seminar

Our Seminar with the Cebu Dental Society pushed through and I would say it was a great success. This was held at the Sacred Heart Center in Cebu City Philippines.

The seminar started around 9am and ended at around 4pm. The participants were of course members of the Cebu Dental Society and all of them are practicing dentist.

The Cebu Dental Society was founded in 1925 by a handful of dentists who wanted to enhance the practice of the profession by binding themselves. Over the years, the Society has evolved from an informal grouping into the vibrant institution that it is today.

Among the groups mission and vision are the following:

· To preserve and maintain the dignity and high standards of our profession and practice
· To promote and foster mutual understanding and fellowship among ourselves and with those of other health organizations
· To safeguard public health

For more information visit the Cebu Dental Society website here

Right after the seminar, I and the rest of the team headed for Pagadian for our BLS lecture....

Feb 17, 2009

Basic Money Making Tips


The world is currently experiencing an economic crisis. Perhaps its just worthwhile that I will share with you some money making tips that will perhaps help. I have come over this article on a national newspaper (Philippine Daily Inquirer). Hopefully this will be a great help to those who wanted to earn some extra income.

(The articles can be found on the Business Section of Philippine Daily Inquirer, dated February 2, 2009).

1. Go into direct Selling - There are a number of direct selling companies that offer sound business opportunities. One typical example would be AVON.

2. Earn money from your hobbies - Turn your garden into a produce shop, put your wood shop skills to good use.

3. Put your musical talent to good use. - Can you play an instrument? Offer to play at small parties, provide music lessons for a fee.

4. Have a garage sale - put unused or unwanted items for sale.

5. Put your writing skills to good use - Take advantage of freelancing opportunities. Who knows you could be the next J.K. Rowling.

6. Become a tutor - If you are fluent in English or perhaps in Math, you can certainly earn from these by helping or tutoring.

7. Rent our a room - If you have an extra room consider taking a renter

8. Embrace your inner chef - Have a neighborhood bake sale or find a local restaurant looking for fresh homemade pastries

9. Party your way to money - If you are great at organizing parties and events, then you can earn from these by offering your services.

10. Babysit for Neighbors - This is self explanatory.

Well there you go. I am sure that with these choices you certainly have something to work on.

On the Sideline:

The Basic Life Support Seminar will push through as per advised by Dr. Villamor. This will be held in Sacred Heart Convention Center, Cebu City. This is an event sponsored by the Philippine Dental Society. The seminar will be from 9 am to 4 pm. Registration starts at 8 am.

Next In Line:

After this I will be leaving for Pagadian, via Ozamis. The scheduled lecture will also push through. I have just received information that more than 30 participants have registered for the course already. Well, the schedule will be on February 21 and 22. But I have to leave early (February 19). I will be bringing along my team to assist me on this training.

Feb 14, 2009

Palawan Participants

Basic Lifesaving Welcomes "Palawan Guys!"

A group of people from Palawan has came to Cebu to join our training. They have communicated earlier inquiring about the course and have advised me that they will be joining a scheduled course for CCSDC caregiving students.

On February 10, 2009 they have arrived in Cebu City and I met them personally at the Mactan International Airport. Four of the guys work with the government and two of them work with the Palawan Water District.

I have been in Palawan once. It is such a beautiful place to be. In fact, the underground river which is a finalist for the seven wonders for the 2009 search for the Seven Wonders Of The World is found in Palawan.

I am really honored to have them as participants during the course, I gained gained not only additional first aiders but also gained more friends.....

The CCSDC caregiving students were also welcomed them with the Cebu hospitality. Making them feel comfortable and at home.

A total of 21 students joined the course including my found new friends. On the third day, the first aid simulation was conducted in Mountain View Resort. This was however intended for the caregiving students only. Thus my new found friends have a one day free to enjoy the City Of Cebu.
Sir Jay (1st from left standing) poses with his caregiving students after the simulation. If you can recall, Mr. Diones Tizon who has been handling the Emergency Care Module for CCSDC is currently out of town. Sir Jay, who is also an instructor of Basic Lifesaving, takes over the module. He handles the Childcare Module for CCSDC and is also handling the Emergency Care Module for the caregiving students.


The Palawan guys are planning to conduct BLS course in their area and is planning to invite me to handle the program. I am looking forward to go there to conduct the course at the same time do some fun an travel.


The next scheduled program is a seminar on Basic Life Support for the Cebu Dental Society. Dr. Lalit Villamor, has asked me to be the speaker for the seminar. This will be on February 19, 2009 from 9am to 4 pm at the Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City.

Another upcoming activity is the course in Pagadian. This will be on February 21 and 22.

Feb 12, 2009

Toledo City CCSDTI Caregivers

February 7-8, 2009

The Cebu Center Studies for Development and Training Institute Caregiving School Toledo Branch has once again acquired our services for training. Like the rest of other Caregiving Schools, The CCSDTI has been a constant partner of our training center for quite a long time already.

Toledo City is on the Northwestern part of Cebu. Its about one and a half hour drive from the City of Cebu. Famous for its mining product courtesy of Atlas Mining Corporation which operated way back in the 70's.

16 Students participated the Basic Life Support Course that we have conducted. Most of them are residents of Toledo and some reside near the neighboring area of Toledo City.

Feb 5, 2009



Due to the success of our first seminar conducted at St. Paul College, on January 31-February 1, 2009 we conducted another round of First aid, CPR and Basic Firefighting Seminar.

This time the number has reached to more than 280 students. Considering the vast number we have divided them into groups during the return demonstration. It was a very successful activity so and so that we are expecting another round of seminar for the incoming students of ST. PAUL COLLEGE.

St. Paul College have different branches. One is located in Pardo, Cebu City. The other one is in Ramos, Cebu City and one in Mandaue City. The participants are actually first year students of all the branches taking up different courses.

Each one of them were able to perform bandaging and emergency transportation. They were also given a short lecture on Basics of Firefighting. Over all, the students found the seminar very useful and very lively.



The American Dream Review Center sponsored another round of Basic Life Support Course. This is the first one for the year 2009 held at Bervena Capitol Suites.

Our training center is actually an affiliate with the American Dream Review Center and in fact this is our 8th run already. We have scheduled a Basic Life Support Course for AMDREAM every month.

A total of 15 participants took the course and it went on smoothly. We have again incorporated a Basic ECG reading topic as an added bonus.

The course started on January 28, 2009 and ended on January 30, 2009.

CCSDTI Caregiving Students Review


On January 27, 2009 I conducted a review on Emergency Care Module for 10 students of CCSDTI caregiving center. The students are about to take the TESDA competency exam by the first week of February.

This is actually the final phase of their caregiving studies. Each one of them will have to passed the exam. Failing the exam would mean that they will lose the opportunity to be given the go signal to work as a caregiver most particularly abroad.

Caregiving Students Takes Refresher Course

First aid and Pro CPR Refresher Course

A group of caregiving students have requested me to conduct a special course for them so that they may be given an international course completion card for First aid and Pro CPR.

They were former students of mine about a year ago who have enrolled at CHP caregiving school. It so happens that I was the one who handled their Emergency Care Module way back upon the request of the caregiving center.

Most of them are about to leave abroad for work and wanted to refresh themselves on the course as well as have an international course completion cards.

So on Jan 19, 2009 we did the upgrading and refresher course. A total of 6 students joined the activity and I can see pretty well that they are still very much familiar with the different lifesaving procedures.