Feb 14, 2009

Palawan Participants

Basic Lifesaving Welcomes "Palawan Guys!"

A group of people from Palawan has came to Cebu to join our training. They have communicated earlier inquiring about the course and have advised me that they will be joining a scheduled course for CCSDC caregiving students.

On February 10, 2009 they have arrived in Cebu City and I met them personally at the Mactan International Airport. Four of the guys work with the government and two of them work with the Palawan Water District.

I have been in Palawan once. It is such a beautiful place to be. In fact, the underground river which is a finalist for the seven wonders for the 2009 search for the Seven Wonders Of The World is found in Palawan.

I am really honored to have them as participants during the course, I gained gained not only additional first aiders but also gained more friends.....

The CCSDC caregiving students were also welcomed them with the Cebu hospitality. Making them feel comfortable and at home.

A total of 21 students joined the course including my found new friends. On the third day, the first aid simulation was conducted in Mountain View Resort. This was however intended for the caregiving students only. Thus my new found friends have a one day free to enjoy the City Of Cebu.
Sir Jay (1st from left standing) poses with his caregiving students after the simulation. If you can recall, Mr. Diones Tizon who has been handling the Emergency Care Module for CCSDC is currently out of town. Sir Jay, who is also an instructor of Basic Lifesaving, takes over the module. He handles the Childcare Module for CCSDC and is also handling the Emergency Care Module for the caregiving students.


The Palawan guys are planning to conduct BLS course in their area and is planning to invite me to handle the program. I am looking forward to go there to conduct the course at the same time do some fun an travel.


The next scheduled program is a seminar on Basic Life Support for the Cebu Dental Society. Dr. Lalit Villamor, has asked me to be the speaker for the seminar. This will be on February 19, 2009 from 9am to 4 pm at the Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City.

Another upcoming activity is the course in Pagadian. This will be on February 21 and 22.

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