Mar 28, 2009

March 26-28, 2009 AMDREAM CEBU

March 26-28, 2009

The American Dream Review Center Cebu Branch sponsored another First and Pro CPR course. It was participated by a total of 24 participants. The course was held in their new location which is at CDC building in Colon St. corner Jakosalem St. just beside Gaisano Main in Cebu City.

The participants were all registered nurses from different schools and some of them are working in hospitals or companies based in Cebu.

Next in Line: Seminar Invitation by East Aurora Tower and Condominium on April 3, 2009

Mar 24, 2009


March 21, 2009

I was invited by Mr. Rex Barriga of Primary Structures to conduct a seminar on First aid and CPR to their respective tenants. Primary Structures is in the building and development business. They are very much concerned with safety so and so that they conduct safety programs for their tenants from time to time.

I am familiar with their safety programs considering that I have been invited before to conduct Basic Firefighting Seminar through the Office of Civil Defense during one of their activities.

The seminar was conducted at I1 Building of Primary Structures (Blue Room). A total of 40 participants joined the seminar. They are representatives from the the different companies occupying the building.

NEXT IN LINE: First aid and Pro CPR Course (AMDREAM CEBU)

CCSDC Caregiving Students

MARCH 20-22, 2009

Just before finishing the training on CCSDTI, I also started the another course with CCSDC. A total of 25 participants took the course. The students are actually handled by Mr. Jay Origenes. The final part would be our First aid and Pro CPR ECSI Course.

This will entitle the students to recieve ECSI Course Completion Cards at the end of the program. The great advantage of having these cards are of course the international acceptance as well as the great training program.

All the students were issued handbooks from ECSI and on the third day, our simulation was once again conducted outside the school premises. It was held at Mountain View Resort in Cebu City.

First aid and Pro CPR Training


Mar 22, 2009

CCSDTI Caregiving Students

MARCH 16-20, 2009

It took me some time to make this post since it has been a very busy week. I conducted this training to Cebu Center for Studies and Development Training Incorporated (CCSDTI) caregiving students. The training was divided into morning and evening schedules since the students were divided into morning and evening class.

A total of 28 students composed the morning class and a total of 24 students were in the evening class. Well it was a very tiring schedule but very satisfying indeed.

Most of the evening class students were working in different companies. This is perhaps the reason why they took the evening class. Nevertheless, they still manage to listen attentively despite the workload in during the day.


Mar 14, 2009

ST PAUL COLLEGE- Bulacao Pardo Seminar


Well, I as mentioned earlier, we were invited by St. Paul College for another seminar on First aid, CPR and Basic Firefighting.

The seminar was attended to by more or less 300 participants from the high school department taking Citizens Army Training, College Students from the Education Department and of course their respective teachers and advisers.

The Seminar started at around 8:30 in the morning and the ever dynamic and Mr. Ben Alberio opened the activity with a short introduction about the seminar and likewise introduced me and the rest of our team.

Considering the number of participants, we have to use all our manikins to accommodate such number. We also divided them into groups and each group performed bandaging, emergency transportation and CPR in rotation.

The CAT officers assisted in handling the flow of the course and I would say they did it well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ben Alberio for his trust and confidence with our team as well as Mr. Francis Grucen . Both of them have made our lecture and demonstration a success!

Mar 10, 2009

Back In Bohol

I went back in Bohol. This is our first Basic Life Support Training for this year. I boarded the oceanjet vessel (December 8) which departed from Cebu to Bohol at around 6am. I arrived in Bohol at around 8 am and went to Tavers Pension House. Well, this has been my usual abode everytime a go to Bohol. Funny thing, I was in Bohol a couple of times but I never noticed this billboard before. Well, I took a picture of it, it is surely is a Big Welcome.

At 9am I was already in American Dream Review Center for our First aid and Pro CPR course. The course is scheduled for three days considering that I have incorporated a Basic ECG reading course on the third day.

A total of 9 participants took the course. Once again, they had the opportunity of learning and enjoying the course that we have conducted. I am proud to say that they were very satisfied with the result and find the course very useful.

The course started at 9am and ended up at 5 pm from the first day to the last day. As I was taking some coffee in the Tavers restaurant, I had the opportunity to see the sunset. I took the liberty of taking a picture of it. I love watching sunsets. It gives me time to reflect on my accomplishments each day and watching it makes me relax and ponder on the next day ahead.... Its just amazing how every sunset is different each day. Well, just like life, its always different each day.... You always have the opportunity to do many things.

Well, time does pass so quickly, on December 9 at around 5:30 pm, I am already at the pier area in Bohol. I am again taking the Oceanjet vessel bound for Cebu.... I had a great time, I am sure that the participant also were very satisfied and did not regret taking the course. I will most likely come back later on for another scheduled course with AMDREAM REVIEW.


Next in Line: The next schedule will be a seminar on First aid and Basic Life Support with St. Paul College in Bulacao Pardo, Cebu City. This will be participated by more or less 300 participants and will be held on March 14, 2009. I am now starting the preparation considering this is such a big number. I have also advised the rest of our instructors who will join me to prepare for the upcoming event.

Mar 6, 2009

Seminar by Invitation

I was invited to speak on two occasions. The first one was on March 5 as requested by Mrs. Gaviola of the Office of Civil Defense and the other one was on March 6 for some University of San Carlos teachers.

The March 5 Seminar was held at Villa Asillo, Cordova. It was attended to by the Baranggay Officers and Personnel of Baranggay Babag, Lapu-lapu City.
villa assilo

Baranggay Babag is famous for it firecrackers. This is the reason that there is always the risk of fire in the area. However, due to the effort of its baranggay official and the local government, the incidence of fire is not as rampant as before.Baranggay Chairman, Honorable Berdin during his welcome address during the Disaster Management Seminar.

Some teachers from the University of San Carlos invited me to conduct a lecture on Basic Life Support. This was held at the USC gym.

Next in line: First aid and Pro CPR training, Bohol with Par Excellence Review Center, this will be on March 7-9, 2009.

Mar 3, 2009


March is considered the Fire Prevention month in our country. It is usually at this time that fires are more common compared to other months. This is probably because March is somewhat the start of the warm season.

I would like to share to all the firefighters out there this very simple yet very wonderful prayer of a firefighter.....



The AMERICAN DREAM REVIEW CENTER sponsored another First aid and Basic Life Support Course (Pro CPR). A total of 12 participants joined the training dated February 26-28, 2009.

The course was held in Mel Go Building, Sanciangko St. Cebu City.

Next scheduled course for AMRDREAM would be on March 26-28, 2009

Mar 2, 2009


OLYMPUS MEPZ I, Lapu-lapu City

Just a day after arriving from Pagadian City. I conducted a Firefigthing Lecture in MEPZA. It was requested by their safety officer in line with their safety program as well as in preparation for the Fire Prevention Month.... The month of March.

On the morning I devoted the time for classroom discussion on the Basics Of Fire. The rest of the afternoon were spent on drills. This involves rolling and unrolling of hoses, coupling connections, line connections, proper nozzle handling and many other things.

The proper use of extinguisher (portable) was also incorporated and we even had an actual demonstration on how to put off the fire with the use of the extinguisher.

Training such as this will obviously prepare the employees for any fire incidents. It is really very important to know basic things most especially that fire is one of the worst incident that could happen to anyone.


Our Pagadian City Lecture

We arrived in Pagadian a day before our lecture. It was really exciting considering that it was my first time as well as the rest of my team to be here in Pagadian City. We took a boat a day before just after our Cebu Dental Society Lecture. We arrived in Ozamis and took a bus heading towards Pagadian with a travel time of more or less 2hours.

We were belitted at Camela Hotel, just around 2 kilometers from our lecture venue which is the Borbon General Hospital.

We were welcomed dearly by the participants and the course went very well. A total of 38 participants joined the course. Most of them were nurses. No less than the owner of the hospital Dr. Borbon welcomed us.

I have a feeling that we will once again come back to this beautiful place. I am very glad that the feedback from the participants were all positive.

I would like to thank Dr. Borbon, John Borbon and most especially Rossette Alcachucas for making our lecture a great success. Without them, this would have not been materialize.