Mar 14, 2009

ST PAUL COLLEGE- Bulacao Pardo Seminar


Well, I as mentioned earlier, we were invited by St. Paul College for another seminar on First aid, CPR and Basic Firefighting.

The seminar was attended to by more or less 300 participants from the high school department taking Citizens Army Training, College Students from the Education Department and of course their respective teachers and advisers.

The Seminar started at around 8:30 in the morning and the ever dynamic and Mr. Ben Alberio opened the activity with a short introduction about the seminar and likewise introduced me and the rest of our team.

Considering the number of participants, we have to use all our manikins to accommodate such number. We also divided them into groups and each group performed bandaging, emergency transportation and CPR in rotation.

The CAT officers assisted in handling the flow of the course and I would say they did it well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ben Alberio for his trust and confidence with our team as well as Mr. Francis Grucen . Both of them have made our lecture and demonstration a success!

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