Mar 10, 2009

Back In Bohol

I went back in Bohol. This is our first Basic Life Support Training for this year. I boarded the oceanjet vessel (December 8) which departed from Cebu to Bohol at around 6am. I arrived in Bohol at around 8 am and went to Tavers Pension House. Well, this has been my usual abode everytime a go to Bohol. Funny thing, I was in Bohol a couple of times but I never noticed this billboard before. Well, I took a picture of it, it is surely is a Big Welcome.

At 9am I was already in American Dream Review Center for our First aid and Pro CPR course. The course is scheduled for three days considering that I have incorporated a Basic ECG reading course on the third day.

A total of 9 participants took the course. Once again, they had the opportunity of learning and enjoying the course that we have conducted. I am proud to say that they were very satisfied with the result and find the course very useful.

The course started at 9am and ended up at 5 pm from the first day to the last day. As I was taking some coffee in the Tavers restaurant, I had the opportunity to see the sunset. I took the liberty of taking a picture of it. I love watching sunsets. It gives me time to reflect on my accomplishments each day and watching it makes me relax and ponder on the next day ahead.... Its just amazing how every sunset is different each day. Well, just like life, its always different each day.... You always have the opportunity to do many things.

Well, time does pass so quickly, on December 9 at around 5:30 pm, I am already at the pier area in Bohol. I am again taking the Oceanjet vessel bound for Cebu.... I had a great time, I am sure that the participant also were very satisfied and did not regret taking the course. I will most likely come back later on for another scheduled course with AMDREAM REVIEW.


Next in Line: The next schedule will be a seminar on First aid and Basic Life Support with St. Paul College in Bulacao Pardo, Cebu City. This will be participated by more or less 300 participants and will be held on March 14, 2009. I am now starting the preparation considering this is such a big number. I have also advised the rest of our instructors who will join me to prepare for the upcoming event.

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