Oct 29, 2009


First Aid and Pro CPR Course

We have just ended our First aid and Pro CPR course with American Dream Review Institute. A total of 27 participants joined the course. Some of the participants were from out of town and traveled to Cebu just to join the training.

Oct 27, 2009

OCTOBER 27, 2009

Disaster Management Seminar
Municipality of Alcantara

On this day I was invited to speak about First aid and Basic Life Support during the three days seminar on Disaster Management Seminar of the office of Civil Defense (OCD)

The participant were mostly Baranggay Officials of the different Baranggays in the Municipality as well as Department heads of the local government.

More than 50 participants joined the seminar and it was another successful event.

Oct 17, 2009

OCTOBER 19-20, 2009


I was invited by the Municipality of Bantayan to conduct First aid and Basic Life Support Training. The participants were Baranggay Officials and representatives from the different Baranggays of the Municipality as well as government employees, representatives from the fire department, police and central school teachers.

The highlight of the training was the rescue simulation wherein the participants responded to a multiple casualty situation and applied what they have learned during the training.

OCTOBER 16, 2009

I was invited by Tayo Yuden Phils. to conduct a Basic Life Support Seminar in their company. More than 40 participants joined the seminar. Topics such as bleeding, wounds, fainting, fractures were discussed.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation was the main point of discussion and some participants were able to perform a return demonstration with the CPR manikins.

The seminar was also in line with their Disaster Management Seminar conducted by the Office of Civil Defense.

Oct 14, 2009

OCTOBER 14-20, 2009

CHP Caregiving Students
Emergency Care Module

We had another round of First aid and PRO CPR training for CHP caregiving students. The Center for Healthcare Professions is our affiliate training center for their Emergency Care Programs.

More than 30 students participated in the course. The Center For Healthcare Professions is also the assessment center for the TESDA competency exams for caregivers in Cebu City.

The Center is located in AC. Cortes, Mandaue City.

Oct 10, 2009

OCTOBER 10, 2009

Bulacao, Pardo

Our team went to St. Paul College Foundation Incorporated in Bulacao Pardo, Cebu City Branch. We conducted another round of Basic Life Support Training to several students of the school.

The participants were 1st year students from different courses. It was their Human Resources officer who made this program a success.

Mr. Ben Alberio, who is an avid supporter of our group was also there to supervise the seminar together with Mr. Eric Ramos, one of the clinical instructor of the College of Nursing.

The event lasted for the whole day considering that there were more than 200 participants of the seminar who had the chance to perform Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Oct 6, 2009

Rescue 44 Surigao City

This has been one of the most exciting trainings that we have conducted so far considering that we conducted our training in Surigao City, together with the personnel of RESCUE 44.

The head officer of Rescue 44 was able to join our First aid and Pro CPR training in Cebu and has invited our group to conduct the program in their area.

More than 50 participants joined the training which was held at the provincial gym. Overall, I would say that the training was very successful considering that the participants appreciated very much the knowledge that they have learned during the course.

The participants were mostly nurses from different hospitals, several safety personnel of some companies, as well as members of the Rescue 44.

Among the highlights of the training was the rescue simulation that were responded to by the participants of the course.


OCTOBER 1, 2009

Basic Life Support Training
Ramos Branch

Once again our group conducted another round of training to several students of St. Paul College. A total of 78 participants joined the seminar and all of them were able to perform the different procedures on providing lifesaving care.

The morning session was devoted to discussions on common emergencies as well as on the steps of providing Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. After the the noon break, the students were divided into groups for the bandaging and emergency transportation as well as the return demonstration on CPR.

September 21-23, 2009

First aid and Pro CPR Training
American Dream Review Institute
Cebu Branch

Another round of First aid and Pro CPR training conducted by our group together with our affiliate, Amdream Review Center.

This training is conducted monthly in the American Dream Review Center area. Of course, we have always maintained our standards in providing and conducting the course.

Special Class September 20, 2009

As I have mentioned earlier, we have already opened our Training Center and have already started training programs within our area. This has allowed us to conduct trainings upon special request as well as for those that are in a hurry to take our training.

Two participants took our First aid and Pro CPR training. One of them is working in Rome, Italy and has requested us to conduct a special course for them considering that she has to go back to her place of work in just a few days.

University of San Carlos PE Faculty -First aid and CPR Training September 18, 2009

The University of San Carlos (USC) Physical Education Department requested our group to conduct First aid and Pro CPR training. We have been invited before to conduct a seminar on Basic Life Support by the same group but this time, the teachers wanted to learn as well as apply the learning.

In view of this, we conducted another round of training. This time, the training was done for the whole day to enable the participants to perform a return demonstration in providing CPR as well as other techniques in lifesaving care.

Each participants took turns in providing Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation as well as providing mouth to mouth resuscitation. Moreover, topics such as wounds, fractures, and other common emergencies were also discussed considering that these problems can happen anytime and will most likely be encountered during the conduct of the Physical Education Program.