Jul 30, 2008

Asian College of Technology- Sept. 29-30, 2007

I was not expecting to have this lecture but as we were able to conduct First aid and CPR training to nursing students of ACT. This was because the Dean of Nursing from the Cebu Technical School has endorsed us to conduct training to the Dean of Nursing of ACT.

The course was conducted for two days with all of the students on the 4th year level attending the program and was held at their new building in Cebu City.

The students were also thought on Emergency Transportation, Bandaging, AED operation as well as splinting. Each one were able to perform hands on return demonstration on CPR.

Jul 28, 2008

University of San Carlos Sept. 20, 2007

I was invited by the University of San Carlos Healthcare Services Department to speak during their seminar on Basic Life Support.

This was attended by University Students, Healthcare Staff, as well as faculty members.

The school nurse was the one who invited me to speak during their program which is part of their healthcare services.

I was very happy with the results since after the program, they gave me a very positive feedback.

The school nurse for their another branch (girls high) approach me and told me that she will be inviting me later on to speak in their school for the same program.

Jul 27, 2008

Cebut Technical School Cebu City

I was contacted by a friend of mine for a lecture request for level IV nursing student of Cebu Technical School in Cebu City.

The Dean of Nursing personally attended the opening program for the training together with several clinical instructors.

This is the first lecture that we have conducted for the school and I think that this will be another request later on.

The Nursing Dean also told me that she will be endorsing me to another Nursing Schoos to conduct the same program to them.

Jul 26, 2008

CCSDC ECSI Course Sept 12-14, 2007

The Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Centre

This is another First aid and Pro CPR course for CCSDC caregiving school students. The students and the administration have already felt the advantages of taking the international course on Emergency Courses since the students who have worked abroad are no longer advised to retake the first aid and pro cpr course when they are abroad already.

The point is, the cards are already accepted in most countries. So once the students are asked to submit a first aid and cpr card they no longer take the course again. All they have to do is submit our issued cards.

Once again we have a rescue simulation on the third day were the students will be given an emergency scenario to respond.

Jul 25, 2008

CHP Caregiving School

The Center for Healthcare Profession

The Center for Healthcare Profession(CHP), a caregiving school owned by a good friend of mine has contacted me to handle the first aid trainig and cpr module for thier students.

They have two branches one located in Cebu and the other one located in Mandaue.

It is such a great honor to handle the first aid training for this school considering that this is the third caregiving school wherein our services were tap for the program.

My students were actually the night class of the school and I am pressuming that I will be handling another group (morning class) of students for the same school should everything work out fine.

Jul 24, 2008

Autolive Phils. First aid and CPR Training September 3-4, 2007

The Autolive Phils. in Mepz I Lapu-lapu City has started with thier Safety Education Programs for their employees.

I have conducted First aid and CPR training to their selected employees. The course was for 2 days. Most of the participants had some first aid training before although what they have learned were not the latest guidelines.

On the second day, we discussed about CPR and also did Emergency Transportation and Bandaging.

They will be requesting me again for another training for another set group employees.

Jul 23, 2008

DEPED Secondary Division Region 7 September 1, 2007

Another request this time from the Department of Education for a Disaster Management Seminar. This is the second round of lecture this time for different participants under the secondary division.

I talked about First aid and Basics of Firefighting. Some teachers approach me since they told me that by the next school year they will be incorporating some first aid topics under the Health subjects for the secondary level.

This would be a very good development considering that first aid and emergency care programs are now given importance on our publice school programs.

Jul 22, 2008

Oslob, Cebu, Philippines Aug 29, 2007

My next lecture was at the Oslob Municipal Hall. This was again another invitation request by the Office of Civil Defense.

The seminar was for August 28-30, 2007 and I was tasked to discuss First aid and Firefighting for the second day of the seminar.

Mrs. Escanan the Civil Defense Coordinator was the one who handled the first day along with PAGASA.

My lecture was for the whole day since I am handling two topics, First aid and Firefighting.

Jul 21, 2008

Day Care Teachers Camotes

Day Care Teachers in Camotes Island working for the Municipal Government were the next participants on my training. I was back again in Santiago Bay Resort for the training.

They were supposed to join the previous batch consisting of students but they were not able to do so.

This time they were all Teacher handling day care programs for the different municipalities.

Once again the training was a big success.

Jul 20, 2008

Nursing Students - Cebu Doctors College Aug 24-25, 2007

I was requested by some nursing students to conduct First aid and CPR Training for them. They wanted to know more about the course since it is part of Emergency Nursing programs.

The course was conducted in Mabolo, Cebu City and the students were thought about new techniques as well as new updates on First aid and CPR.

Central Bank of The Philippines

August 17, 2007 Disaster Management Seminar for Central Bank of the Philippines.

The Central Bank of the Philippines a government bank is very much concerned with security as well as safety. I am very familliar of their set up since I use to handle first aid training for them when I was still working with the rescue unit.

Now, I have returned to speak about first aid updates and procedures since the Office of Civil Defense have asked me to speak about the topic.

The Company Nurse as well as the Safety Manager have advised me that they will invite me soon for a standard First aid and CPR training for their employees.

Primary Properties August 4, 2007

This is the second round of Disaster Management Seminar for Primary Properties in Banilad, Cebu City.

The Primary Properties owned two buildings in Banilad and this time the lecture was held at the IT2 Building. The participants were representatives of the 2nd building together with Primary Properties Personnel.

The Office of Civil Defense are the prime movers for this kind of programs so I was there on the second day for my First aid and Firefighting topic.

Camotes July 28-29, 2007

Back Again in Camotes for another first aid and cpr training. The participants were chosen by PLAN international composed of different high school students from Camotes Island.

The venue of the training this time was another resort in Camotes, the Santiago Bay Garden Resort.

I was again amazed by the beauty of the resort. It is actually owned by the same owner who operated the Mangudlong Rock Island Resort.

DEPED July 27, 2007 Disaster Management Seminar

The Department of Education is coming up with programs to incorporate First aid and Safety Awareness among students. As a first step, they will be introducing First aid lessons for their curiculum.

The Office of Civil Defense has been asked to conduct Disaster Management Seminar for several teachers and once again I was asked to handle the First aid topic.

After my discussion, several teachers and supervisors approached me and asked if I may be able to discuss first aid and common emergencies to their respective schools.

I am looking forward to conduct lectures to their schools later on.

CCSDC ECSI Course July 18-20, 2007

Another round of training for CCSDC caregiving students. The students were once again taking the ECSI course on First aid and Pro CPR.

As noted, there is always the advantage of taking the ECSI course completion cards compared to other local cards. The fact is the cards have worldwide acceptance guarantee.

The handbooks are likewise very much presentable and is accordance to the latest updates on Emergency Cardiovascular Care.

Jul 17, 2008

Primary Properties Disaster Management Seminar

July 17, 2007 -Another lecture invitation by the Office of Civil Defense for me to conduct First aid and Firefighting Seminar for Primary Properties Management and Staff.

The seminar was conducted in Banilad Cebu City at the IT building of Primary Properties. The tenants of the building are different businesses ranging from call center foods services.

It was the Primary Properties who initiated the training for their tenants as well as for their company employees.

As usual the Office of Civil Defense Coordinator Mrs. Estrelleta Escanan did the opening salvo and proceeded with Disaster Management Topics. I was assigned to discuss on the second day, July 17. The rest of the speakers were on the third day.

Jul 16, 2008

Autolive Phils. - Fire Drill Evaluation

On June 22, 2007, I was again back at Autolive Phils in Mepz I. This time I was tasked to evaluate their Fire Drill and Evacuation.

It was with the support of the Fire Fighting team from MEPZA. They simulated a fire scenarion within both of their plants and the employees were evacuated. The firefighting team of the plant laid out hoses and were assessed on how well they were able to set up the hoses and nozzle at the fire scene.

First aider of the plant also responded to a pre arranged casualty somewhere in the plant.

There were some things that needed to be improved but these were all minor problems in so far as response is concerned. All they need was more practice and I know that with constant drill and practice, the company well be a safer place in the long run.

Jul 15, 2008

Autolive Phils. Inc. MEPZ 1

I was again invited by the Office of Civil Defense to speak in a seminar for Disaster Management for a company in Mactan Export Processing Zone. Dated June 19, 2007

Autoliv Phils. Incorporated a manufacturer of steering wheels, seat belts and other car accesories for different car models has requested the Office of Civil Defense for a seminar on Disaster Management.

The seminar went well and the Safety Officer has informed me that later on they will be inviting me to conduct Standard First aid and CPR course to their employees.

Jul 14, 2008

University of Cebu Nursing Students level IV


A very big development came up. We conducted Emergency Nursing to Level IV nursing students of University of Cebu, Banilad Campus. It started on June 13, 2007 and we were able to finish on July 10, 2007.

There participants reach almost a thousand. It was a simultaneous lecture wherein I was conducting First aid for one group and the rest of my team were conducting return demo and practical activities for another group.

Each group consist of 100 students (two sections). This is to insure that each student will be assessed properly most especially on the Cardio Pulmunary Resuscitation aspect. The Clinical Instructors of the school were also present during the course to assist and help facilitate the conduct of the training.

The University of Cebu was formerly the Cebu Central Colleges School. Its main building is located in downtown Cebu City. Now University of Cebu has become one of the largest school in Cebu with branches in Banilad, Cebu City, and Mandaue City

For more information about the school click here.

Jul 13, 2008

Camotes Island Lecture June 9-10, 2007

I was back again in Camotes Island. This time I was conducting First aid and CPR lecture to some Public School Teachers.

The participants were actually from different public shools and the training was again sponsored by PLAN INTERNATIONAL.

We were housed on the same resort, Mangudlong Rock Island Resort in Camotes.

This is our second round of lecture in the island and I am very optimistic that we will be coming again for another training schedule due to the positive response from the participants.

Jul 10, 2008

CCSDC June 6-8, 2007

Another course on First aid and Pro CPR is conducted by our training center for Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Center (CCSDC), Caregiving students.

It has been a monthly International training and we are very pleased that the school administration has decided to make our First aid and Pro CPR course mandatory.

Basically this is an advantage to the students considering that the completion cards that we issue are already accepted internationally. So they do not have the problem of taking the course again once they are asked to present First aid and CPR training certification.

Should the cards expire, all they have to do is present the cards to any ECSI accredited instructor in the country and ask for a renewal.

Jul 9, 2008

Gullas College of Medicine

Gullas College of Medicine Students

On May 30 and June 06, 2007 our group conducted First aid and Pro CPR training to Medical Students of the Gullas College of Medicine. They were 4th year graduating medical students.

The course were not successively held since the only available time for the students were the dates stated above considering that they are graduating students and are obviously busy on complying the graduation requirements.

Nevertheless, the training was very successful and the students were very much appreciative of the course.

Gullas College of Medicine is popularly known as University of the Visayas College. It offers different kinds of courses from nursing to medicine and many other college courses. To know more about the university visit their website here

Jul 8, 2008

Mangudlong Rock Island Resort

picture courtesy of http://www.xihalife.com/p/26460/

Since I was captivated by the beauty of the island, I have decided to post about the resort to give you an overview about the place. It is actually located in Mangudlong thus earning the name Mangudlong. As for the Rock Island thing, well the place speaks for itself.

It has different rock formation with man made bridges and cottages on top where you can stay and enjoy.

It has plenty of cottages for the guest which are actually very presentable and cheap. Aircon rooms are also available.
It has been one of the place for the visit programs of the present Provincial Governor.
It has also been a place for most trainings and seminars that the PLAN INTERNATIONAL are sponsoring.

Jul 7, 2008


I was contacted by one of the representatives of PLAN INTERNATIONAL to conduct First aid training for selected participants in the Municipality of Tudela, Camotes Island. Camotes island is somewhere south of Cebu and is about 2 to 3 hours boat ride from the City of Cebu. The lecture was dated May 24-25, 2007.

This is the very first time that I was also able to visit the island of Camotes and I am very much excited to go there since I have heard a lot about the place. It is also somewhat a tourist attraction.

The participants were actually a group of Municipal Health Workers from the Municipality of Tudela. I was able to know more about PLAN.

PLAN is actually a worldwide organization that support various programs for the development of the community and more specifically on children.

Know more about PLAN INTERNATIONAL click here

Since the course was sponsored by PLAN, I was housed including the particiapants to one of their famous resort, Mangudlong Rock Island Resort. Truly its a very nice resort. In fact upon seeing and staying at the place, I have planned to bring my family there one of these days!

CEMEX First aid and CPR Training 2nd batch

I was again contacted by CEMEX corporation to provide Standard First aid and Layperson CPR training for another group of employees.

The company is very much involve with safety in the workplace setting and this is the reason that they always insure that their employees are updated on the different aspects of safety in the workplace setting.

The participants are from different departments. This is to insure that each department will have a first aid trained personnel in their area. The first aider will then be able to provide first aid should anyone suffer an accident in their respective departments.

To visit the CEMEX website click here

Jul 6, 2008


Another training for CCSDTI Cebu branch. This is our second training for CCSDTI Cebu. Another group of caregiving students have decided to take our course considering the feedback from the previous group.

CCSDTI Cebu is located in Mango Ave, Cebu City. There were more than 20 students who took the course date May 16-21, 2007

The CCSDTI admin have previously informed me about this next batch and have made reservation early so as to insure that they will be accomodated for the First aid and Pro CPR schedule.

For more information about CCSDTI click here.

Jul 5, 2008


I was again invited by the Office of Civil Defense to conduct First aid, and Firefighting seminar to some selected teachers. The lecture was conducted at ECOTECH area in Lahug Cebu City.

This seminar was good for three days, and I was assigned to handle the First aid topic and the Basic of Firefighting scheduled for May 3, 2007.

The Regional Director of the Office of Civil Defense, Mr. Angel Gaviola sperheaded the seminar.

The ECOTECH Center in Lahug Cebu City is a good venue for training and seminars. They have a wide variety of training rooms that can accomodate different number of participants. You can find out more of the center by clicking here