Jul 16, 2008

Autolive Phils. - Fire Drill Evaluation

On June 22, 2007, I was again back at Autolive Phils in Mepz I. This time I was tasked to evaluate their Fire Drill and Evacuation.

It was with the support of the Fire Fighting team from MEPZA. They simulated a fire scenarion within both of their plants and the employees were evacuated. The firefighting team of the plant laid out hoses and were assessed on how well they were able to set up the hoses and nozzle at the fire scene.

First aider of the plant also responded to a pre arranged casualty somewhere in the plant.

There were some things that needed to be improved but these were all minor problems in so far as response is concerned. All they need was more practice and I know that with constant drill and practice, the company well be a safer place in the long run.

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