Oct 31, 2008

American Dream Review Center

After the training in Bohol, Philippines of American Dream, the Cebu Branch held another round of training. This was on Aug 21-23, 2008. More than 50 participants participated the First aid and Pro CPR course.

One anticipated part of the course aside from the CPR is the Basic ECG interpretation. The topic was handled by our Training Center Director, Grace Obregon.

As an added bonus, we have also introduced to the students the proper use of the BVM and the different advance airway devices. This is to prepare them should they be taking ACLS courses later on. A lot of participant are actually clamoring for ACLS course eversince. Obviously ACLS is a very useful for nurses and healthcare providers. It is our intention to conduct ACLS courses soon. We are on the process of gathering the necesarry equipments of ACLS training.

Moreover, we have already submitted our application for ACLS training center approval. As you can see, anyone can conduct trainings on Basic Life Support as well as Advance Cardiac Life Support for as long as you know the topic. The only problem would be is if that person or group is accredited. Without approval and accreditation, the certificates and completion cards would not be acceptable abroad.

Just think of the completion cards as a sort of a driver's license. If you have a drivers license issued in the Philippines, then you can drive in the Philippines. But if you go to other countries, then you have to secure an international license. Though the completion cards are not licenses, I believe that you know what I mean.

As for our courses, we issue cards from either the Emergency Care Safety Institute or from the American Safety and Health Institute from the United States. In other words the cards are from the Institute itself, not printed by us. Printing cards on your own and placing the names of the institute on it is not allowed since they are the ones who will provide the card and all I need to do is sign the cards and issue them.

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