Sep 28, 2008

On June 27-29 The American Dream Review Center in Bohol has scheduled another round of First aid and Pro CPR training. It was held at their review center in Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines. More than 20 participants joined the training. Most of the participants were actually told by their friends who joined the previous group.

The participants were trained on First aid which included providing care to different types of emergencies ranging burns, wounds, fracture, poisoning, shock and many other health related problems.
Cardio-Pulomonary Resuscitation was also discuss based on the latest guidelines. Providing CPR to adults as well as to chilren and infants were
elaborated including two rescuer CPR.
Well, the course was
for nurses so what we have introduced was Pro CPR
procedures. Since Pro CPR also involves the knowledge of Automated
External Defibrillator, we have also
conducted the and trained the participants on the use of the AED. Each of them were
given time to familiarize how to use the AED as well as hand on use of the AED together with CPR application.
Bandaging was also taught. The students were paired and were guided on how to apply the bandage from head to foot using different folds of the triangular bandage.
From bandaging, we shifted to emergency transportation. Each participants again performed the different categories of one man carry, two man carry, three man carry. Moreover, rolls and drags as well as improvision of items for carry such as the use of a blanket, poles and others were also introduced.

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