Sep 30, 2008

American Dream Review Center

( Basic ECG Reading Interpretation lecture, Grace Obregon RN.-BLS Training Center Director)

On July10-12 2008 we conducted another round of First aid and Pro CPR training with the American Dream Review Center in Cebu, Philippines.

This has been a monthly course for us with the American Dream Review Center. The good thing is the number of participants has greatly increased.

As of this training, more than 40 participants joined the training composed mostly nurses. One participant was a high school student who will be leaving for the United States just a few days after the training. This is probably the reason why she joined the course since it would be a great advantage for her.

The First and second day were about First aid and CPR. The third day was devoted to Basic ECG reading which was handled by our Training Center Director, Grace Obregon

All ends well during the lecture and we are looking forward for another round of First aid and Pro CPR in the following month.

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