Aug 12, 2009

First aid and PRO CPR August 10-12, 2009

Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Center
First aid and Pro CPR Training

We had another round of First aid and Pro CPR training with caregiving students of Cebu Caregiving Studies and Developlment Center commonly known as CCSDC.

The school has been our affiliate for quite a long time and as always, during the final phase of their Emergency Care Module, our training center conducts the First aid and Pro CPR training for them to acquire the ECSI First aid and Pro CPR completion cards.

A total of 31 students joined the course and it was really fun. The training was scheduled for three days since the last day was devoted for Rescue Simulation where students will respond on a given emergency scenario and apply what they have learned.

Considering that there were 31 students we have divided them into different groups and have created a scenario for each of the group. The students were then graded on their performance.

The last day of the training was held in Portofino Beach Resort in Lapu-lapu City.

Aside from the standard training we have also included fun diving activities through our affiliate instructor Mr. Emi Bonghanoy along with his staff. Considering that the activity was held in the beach, it was really well worth it. Each students were given a lecture on the basics of scuba diving and after such, they were provided with scuba gears for the application. All of the students really enjoyed the program. In fact some of them are planning of taking a scuba diving course later on to obtain a scuba diving license.

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