Aug 1, 2009

Disaster Management Seminars

Municipality of San Remegio
Disaster Management Seminar
July 28, 2009

The office of Civil Defense conducted a Disaster Management Seminar in San Remegio. A municipality in the south about 3-4 hours bus ride from the Capitol. I am the designated speaker for First aid and Firefighting topics. No less than the mayor of San Remegio grace the affair and of course it was very successful. The participants were mostly Baranggay Officials, Public School Teachers, Municipal Employees and department heads.

Municipality of Catmon
Disaster Management Seminar
July 29, 2009

Just right after my seminar, I proceeded to the Municipality of Catmon for another speaking engagement. This time my participants were mostly from the Baranggay considering that the seminar was facilitated by the President of the Association of Baranggay Councils (ABC), who also sits in the Municipal Council, Councilor Archie.

The Municipal planning officer as well as other Municipal employees were also there making the program a very succesful one indeed. The members of the Municipa Firefighting Volunteer Team were also there in full force.

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