Apr 5, 2008

My Trainings

first aid training

During my stint with the rescue unit, I have undergone several trainings that have improve my knowledge on both basic and advance cardiac life support.

I was also lucky to have undergone foreign training which have introduce me to the different procedures in the Emergency Medical Services on a foreign land which have greatly contributed to my abilities in handling and responding to emergency calls.

Ambulance duty training in Hoofdorp, Netherlands. This picture is a simulated pinned down case where I acted as the head paramedic of the ambulance unit.

My search and rescue training at the Fire training center. My buddy and I was designated to search for a missing person left inside a burning building.

Advance Road Rescue and Extrication training at the Hoofdorp Fire Department. A simulated vehicular accident scenario involving three vehicles. The patient or victims have to be extricated from the wreck.

Incident Command System

Being the incident commander is not an easy job. This is me during incident command system simulation acting as the Incident Commander directing the Fire and Ambulance personnel on what actions to take.

first aid training


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