Apr 6, 2008

Swat Tactical Medic

first aid training

On 2003, I resigned from the rescue unit and was hired by the City of Lapu-lapu to Join the city's Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) of the Lapu-lapu City Police. I was the designated TACTICAL MEDIC.

The SWAT Unit was a project of the Lapu-lapu City Mayor. Selected police personnel were trained to become the first members of the SWAT unit. They have to undergo Urban Counter Revolutionary Warfare Course (UCRWC) training to become a qualified SWAT operative.

My fellow tactical medic and I joined the UCRWC course and have earned our certificate of training.

From the thrills of the ambulance and emergencies, my new job now includes joining in SWAT operations as well as conducting Disaster Management Seminar since I was also designated to become the Disaster Management Instructor for our City's Disaster Management Programs.

SWAT CQB practice (left) and First Aid Seminar (bottom).

first aid training

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