Apr 5, 2008

My Daily Job

first aid training

Being a paramedic is really a challenging job. You can never tell what kind of action you will encounter each duty day. There were also times that we have no runs but its very rare that not to have an ambulance call each duty.

I also conduct lectures on First aid, CPR and Firefighting since I was designated to become one of the Instructors of the rescue unit. I deliver lectures to our new volunteers as well as to different companies, schools, organization who request for training and seminars on different lifesaving courses.

This is an actual emergency response involving a vehicular accident. There were 4 people who died during this accident and several injured victims. We conducted triage at the site and transported the victims to the hospital.

That is me (2nd from left) during the transport of an injured victim. The picture is a scanned picture from a local newspaper (Sunstar Daily) published in our city.

first aid training

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