May 4, 2008

First CCSDC First Aid and Pro CPR Course

first aid training, cpr training, aed training

On January 4-7, 2007, we conducted our First Aid and Professional Rescuer CPR (BLS-ECSI 07 001-002) course with caregiving students from CCSDC. Though the students have already undergone First aid training as part of their module, this course was intended so that they will be able to acquire First aid comletion card and Professional CPR completion cards.

The training started at 8 in the morning where the participants registered and were issued handbooks from the Emergency Care and Safety Institute. After a short orientation, discussion on First aid and common emergencies followed.

The course actually was good for 3 days divide into three. On the First day, First aid and common emergencies life burns, fractures, wounds, bleeding, splinting and common medical problems like fainting, stroke, epilepsy, convulsion were discussed.

On the second day, was CPR and AED and adjunct devices with hands on CPR and AED return demonstration.

The last part of the course was done outdoors. It was held in Mountain View, Cebu City. During the simulation, the participants were divided into groups and were given different emergency scenarious for them to respond and apply what they have learned.

A written exam was also conducted for First aid and CPR as part of the course to comply with the standards set forth by ECSI.

Over all the course was a great success and all the participants had a very positive feedback on the whole First aid and CPR course including the simulation.


first aid training, cpr training, aed training

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