May 20, 2008

Instructors Development Course

I have succesfully finish the Instructors Course for the four Participants. I have one day of rest and start with the Standard First aid, CPR and AED provider course for the Taj Resort Employees.

It would be a tiring job since I will be conducting the course to at least 60 participants in two weeks time. But I am expecting that it will be fun and exciting.

I was told to coordinate with thier HR Officer since it will be the HR officer who will facilitate as to who will be joining the training each day.

Each department will be represented to insure that all areas of the resort will have a first aider and cpr provider. This is very advantageous scheme since this will guarantee that should an accident occur in the area, someone can provide the necesarry care.

The four participants for the ECSI IDC will be joining me from time to time to comply with the last requirement to becoming an ECSI Instructor. That is, to assist me during the provider course and conduct a course of their own.

This is the reason why I have decided to start with the Instruct0rs Development Course so that they will not have a hard time complying the last requirement. Find below the pictures during the IDC.

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