Dec 31, 2008

End of The Year Summary

I have been quite busy and was not able to post much. It has reach to a point that I have decided to end this years post with the summary of the trainings from September up to the month of December 2008.

Such was a great year for all of us with so many lectures and request for seminar. We are really proud that despite starting out so small and simple we have reach this point. We are very happy to have helped and trained a lot of people on the aspect of safety and healthcare and hope that we will continue to be able to serve and help many more in the coming year.

One of the greatest achievement that we were able to accomplish is the approval of our training center to conduct Advance Cardiac Life Support under the American College of Emergency Physicians EACLS course. (CLICK HERE) for verification

We will soon be conducting ACLS next year, full blast.

Another exciting development this year is the partnership with our training center with the American Dream Review center. As you may have noticed the schedules, every month, we have conducted training to AMDREAM not only in their Cebu Branch but in their Bohol Branch as well.

We have also reached the further going up to Calbayog City in Samar. We have been invited by a privat run hospital in the area, St. Camillus and is hoping that we will be going there for another round of training.

Of course this could not have been reached without the support and help of our different instructors as well as the participants. We strongly beleive that without them we will never reached this far.

We would like to thank you all for the support and look forward to a brigther future in the yeart to come.....

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