Jan 5, 2009

First Schedule For 2009- CHP Caregiving School

Center For Healthcare Professions Caregiving School Students

Our first schedule for 2009 is a lecture on First aid and Pro CPR to Center for Healthcare Professions (CHP) Caregiving Students.

The course started on January 5 2009. This is actually an evening class. A total of 13 participants joined the training. Most of them are working in different companies during the day. This is perhaps the reason why they toke the evening class.

The first day was devoted more on discussions on First aid and CPR and the remaining days were a mixture of discussion, return demonstration on CPR, Bandaging, Emergency Transportation and Splinting.

During the last day, the participants were evaluated on their performance. From the different aspects of first aid and CPR. They were also given a written exam to check if they have retained the knowledge during the discussion. Well, all the participants passed the course and I will soon be issuing their certificates and completion cards.

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  1. This is really a great subject in my whole life...at last i got passed in the CPR.Because our teacher in charge was a good teacher and you can really more with him.When i took my NURSING before this CPR demonstration really affects my major subject which is HEALTHCARE.But i took CAREGIVER i am given a chance to prove to myself that i can do it.Thats why EMERGENCY CARE MODULE really helps me a lot in me.