Nov 25, 2009

November 25-27, 2009

First aid and Healthcare Provider CPR
American Dream Review Center
Cebu City Branch

The participants during our First aid and Healthcare Provider CPR with American Dream Review Center, Cebu City Branch. A total of 16 participants joined the training and once again it was a very successful event.


  1. I'm really glad I decided to join this seminar. It's the 1st time I ever understood how to interpret ECG results. Everything was simplified. Thank you sir Jonathan ^_^

  2. I am really happy and proud to be one of the participant of the course. It was really interesting and very enlightining. Despite being a registered nurse, I have learned new things and gained more. Sir Jonathan is truly one of the best. It is really different when the one who teaches has the experience on emergency care. Bravo! Keep it up sir Jonathan. You are the best!