Jan 14, 2011

Kidapawan City Here We Are

Our training in Kidapawan City (January 12-14, 2011) is a great success. The training was held at the Lady M Convention Center in the heart of Kidapawan City. A total of 42 participants, most of them are nurses with 3 medical doctors.

One of the highlights of the training were the presence of Medical Doctors, despite their busy schedules, they still manage to join.

Another interesting scenario was the presence of GMA news personnel who took some footage of the training. The training was even featured in GMA TV News Regions, but unfortunately, I could not find the link anymore. However the news man also posted the training on another site... Mindanao Examiner. Just click the link to view the article.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our active and energetic coordinators in the area. The training would have not materialize without your effort. You are truly superb! More than that, they even did more.. they made us feel at home and showed us the pride of Kidapawan City...

That's my buddy Leo and on the background is Mt. Apo, known as the highest peak in the Philippines... Another interesting highlight. I took some pictures regarding our adventure and posted it on my other blog... CLICK HERE to view.


  1. well done sir! im happy for you.More power sir Jonathan.

  2. I'd like to read more about this blog. I understand you guys did some traing and some attendees of 42 went. Would you like to tell us more about what you guys did?

  3. Our training was all about Basic Life Support Course (BLS)- First and CPR as well as Advance Cardiac Life Support Seminar (ACLS). Some nurses and doctors have invited us to conduct the said training in Kidapawan. We will be conducting another round on training on March. You can email me if you need more information through my email address: jobregon@basiclifesaving.org

    Feel free to visit our network www.basiclifesaving.net to know more about us.

    I really appreciate your interest on this matter. I have visited your site and its really helpful.

  4. oh. ok. thanks for the reply JPSO...but I yet have another question now though. Being nurses and doctors. I assume they would know the those basic Life Support? Just curious is all...