Jun 6, 2011

First aid, CPR and AED Training In Cebu City

Our First aid, CPR and AED training in Cebu City sponsored by the Nurselink Review Center was again another successful event. The training was participated to by more than 40 participants. This is actually our 35th batch.

As you may know, we conduct First aid, CPR and AED training with ACLS seminar in Cebu City every month. The schedule is usually at the end of the month and is sponsored by Nurselink Review Center. For more information about our schedules and training, visit our NETWORK WEBSITE. You may also CLICK HERE for a direct link on our schedules.

Our next schedule of Basic Life Support (First aid, CPR and AED) as well as ADVANCE CARDIAC LIFE SUPPORT ( ECG Interpretation and Hands on Intubation) for Cebu will be on June 28-30, 2011. This will be held in Nurselink Review Center in Colon Street, Cebu City. For details and reservation, please contact (032) 412-5484.

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  1. cool! thanks for uploading my pics

  2. Good blog.. interesting training pics. Keep up the posts. Cheers Rob