Jun 15, 2008

Disaster Management Seminar - CEMEX

This is our very first Disaster Management Seminar wherein our training center was the one who made the coordination with the Office of Civil Defense Coordinater.

Mrs. Estrelleta Escanan the Office of Civil Defense provincial coordinator was the first speaker. She explained to the participants topics about disaster and other related subjects including the government's programs for disaster.

This was followed by the Philvocs Officer in Charge Mr. Jorge Robinson. Topics such as Earthquake, Tsunami, Tidal Waves and other natural disasters were the main discussion from the good Philvocs officer.

Since the training was requested by CEMEX corporation (formerely APO cement), it is there prerogative to decide which topics or subjects are to be incorporated during the seminar. As mentioned above, the topics were handled by the OCD Coordinator and by the Philvocs officer.

The next two days of training is about First aid and CPR since the company wanted a more elaborative discussion on the Emergency Care Subjects.

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