Jun 13, 2008

Disaster Management Seminar

Together with the Office of Civil Defense, we deliver seminars on Disaster Management. This involves lectures and demonstration on different topics that involves disaster.

Our partners during this seminar are instructors from different agencies with the government with the Office of Civil Defense being the lead agency.

Instructors from Philvocs, PAGASA, Bomb Disposal, AFP and other agencies that responds during different disasters are given an alloted time to discuss thier expertise on the topics concerned.

I have been the instructor for the Office of Civil Defense on First aid, CPR and Firefigthing seminars for the last couple of years. This has started way back when I was still working with the rescue unit.

Now that I have my own training center, they are contacting me for their Disaster Management Seminars with respect to Basic Life Support Seminars as well as Basic Firefighting Seminar.

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