Jun 10, 2008

First aid and Pro CPR - March 3-4, 2007

A group of Registered Nurses have requested us to conduct First aid and Pro CPR course. This is again another break for our training center. If you notice, we have just finished our course with CCSDC caregiving school and yet again we have to give conduct this course for this group of Registered Nurses.

We could have let them joined the CCSDC since practically the course for the group is the same, that is First aid and Pro CPR. However, though both groups belong to healthcare providers setting, we find it more appropriate to separate the RN's from caregivers.

First aid and CPR is actually part of the Emergency Nursing subject if you take up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Usually during the 3rd year or 4th year of the Nursing Course.

As usual, the course went on smoothly and the participants appreciated the course so much so and so that some participants who are clinical instructors in some Nursing Universities informed us that they will endorse our training center to deliver Emergency Nursing subject to their respective Nursing students.

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