Jun 5, 2008

First Aid and Pro CPR

After a succesful course on First aid and Pro CPR with Cebu Caregiving Studies and Development Center ( CCSDC) in Cebu, the caregiving school administration has decided to implement a compulsory First Aid and Pro CPR international completion cards for their students. This has been due to the overwhelming positive response on the first batch of caregiving students who have taken the course.

Moreover, having the international cards carries greater advantages in terms of applying and working abroad considering that the course completion cards are internationally acceptable.

On February 28 2007 to March 2, the second batch of Caregiving Students from CCSDC toke the First aid and Pro CPR course. As usual, each students were provided with First aid and Pro CPR handbooks during the course.

Again the course was very succesful and the students gave a very high and positive evaluation of the course.

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