Apr 29, 2009

Dumaguete Review Center

Dumaguete Review Center
April 24-26, 2009

This is our very first training conducted in Dumaguete City sponsored by Dumaguete Review Center (AMDREAM).

I have to board the early flight of Cebu Pacific just to be there on time considering that I would not be able to leave the day before. As you have noticed, I was one of the speakers on the Disaster Management Seminar in Talisay City.

The flight was very short, just less than 20 minutes and I was already in Dumaguete by 7 in the morning. I immediately proceeded to "Check inn Hotel" were I had a room reservation. The rest of my instructors will be coming shortly via Oceanjet.

The Dumaguete Review Center is just a 3-5 minutes walk from the hotel. Such a wise choice of accommodation. Moreover, the training center is within the heart of the city so there is really no problem in so far as supplies, and other needed items are concerned.

By 8:30 in the morning, I was already in the review center ready for the course.....

I was very happy with the turnout on the number of participants. Despite the short time, more than 50 participants joined the training, the review center staff really did a commendable job in coming up with such number.

I would say that the course was rather successful judging from the evaluation submitted by the participants after the course. The only thing that was affecting the training was the power failure that went suddenly during the three day course. But it was not really a problem since the staff were able to come up with an alternate venue.

Each of the participants were able to perform CPR return demonstration as well as bandaging, and emergency transportation. The Basic ECG training was also very interesting for the participants. They find it very simple and understandable.

Truly our Dumaguete Experience was very exciting considering that me and my team had ample time to explore the place. We also had time to try the different restaurants in the area as well as visit the ever famous boulevard area of Dumaguete City.

I am already excited to come back for our next scheduled course....

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