Nov 2, 2010

Back In Davao Once Again

Date Log: October 18-20, 2010

We are back in Davao City once again. This is our 2nd course for this month. This time the venue was in another place considering that the total number of participants have reached to more than 60 person. The coordinator has to find a bigger place to hold the seminar. Well, the venue was Precious Kidz Hall.

We also stayed in a different hotel. This time its the Tower Inn Hotel. The hotel is quite good and affordable. Though It would have been great to go back to our previous hotel but it would be great to try something new. Besides the hotel is just near the new venue of training.

As you may all know, ours is not only for work but for vacation as well. I took some time to jog along the peoples park. Its very interesting since the park is really huge and its in the center of the city. Unlike some other parks were it is so crowded, this park is really awesome. I enjoyed the view as well as exercised myself. Have to shed some sweat most especially that I have accumulated a lot of fats from the previous trip here.

What about the food? Well here is something new...if you have tried JO's Chicken or Mang Inasal, then you should try out Penongs. Judging from what I have seen, people here prefer Penongs. If you do not come early in the evening, then you're gonna have to wait a little while for a vacant table. But no problem. if you could see, they have some chairs outside for those on the waiting list. Their specialty is Chicken. But they also serve different kinds of dishes from pork, beef, and many other stuffs. Well the price is also very affordable and the rice is unlimited.

For those that who likes some Balbacua whatever time of the day, then you might want to try Bulcachong.. it is cooked like balbacua but its from the meat of a Carabao. The meat is soft and the soup is sticky... a little bit hot and spicy too... certainly great if you want to take out some hangover after a drink or just simply want to try something exotic.

After our training on the third day, we proceeded to the Davao Terminal to catch a bus for Tandag, Surigao Del Sur... Unfortunately there are only two trips for Tandag in the evening and the first trip will depart at 6:30 pm. This will arrive Tandag by 4am. The other trip was by a V-Hire Van. Scheduled to leave by 10 pm. Obviously it would to late for us once we arrive in Tandag. Good thing I was able to find a good contact for a private van.. so we did proceed to Tandag via our owned hired van with just me and my team on board...

Watch for my next post as I bring you a glimpse of Tandag... Shortly after arriving at the area... I fell in love with the place already.... see you then!

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