Nov 3, 2010

The Tandag Surigao Del Sur Experience

Date Log: October 21-23, 2010


After our course in Davao City, we proceeded to Tandag, Surigao del Sur. We arrive late in the evening so we were not able to look at the view. But as I woke up early morning... I was really fascinated by the place... I fall in love with what I saw...

This is the veranda of the resort and from this point of view, I could see that this would be perfect place for my morning coffee.

From the opposite standpoint, I could see the whole resort. Definitely a perfect place to just sit down and relax. I almost forget that I still have a lecture to handle.

The restaurant of the resort is also very nice. As I look at the menu, I find many different dishes and the rates are reasonable enough. Well, I still have three days to try them out. So there is no hurry.

The resort is also the venue for our three day training. The place is called Shacene. I failed to ask the reason why its called Shacene. Anyway, this is our humble abode for the 3 day training.


We have a total of 45 participants during the seminar composed of registered nurses. The whole program was sponsored by the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) Tandag Chapter. What is so great about the training is that the officers of the association were also there during the training and no less than the President of the PNA give the Welcome Address.

Special Moments

After our training we were invited by the group to go to another resort and enjoy a couple of drinks and foods. It so happens that one of the participants owns a private resort in the area. She happens to be the daughter of the Mayor of Tandag and we had some sort of "salo salo" party.

My buddy and I also enjoyed a couple of beer in the veranda as we watch the evening pass by. See also the lights on the background. I believe this is their version of the boulevard. Well, such a beautiful training indeed. As I have said, I fall in love with the place. Its quite, relaxing and very much enjoyable. Life moves so slowly here and yet you are very much satisfied.....

Perhaps you might be interested to see this things in the area. I have heard that there a lot of these and are very much cheap. I'm talking about this antique looking furniture. Perhaps if you pass by Tandag, it would be worthwhile to check on them.

Well that's it for now... were heading back to Cebu via Surigao City. We intend to stay a few hours in the city. Our friend and coordinator in the area invited us for dinner at his place. His gonna prepare a special dish for us. So check it out on my next blog. I will also take some pictures on our 5 hour trip from Tandag to Surigao. I heard that its gonna be a rough ride since the road is under repair... lets see what happens next.. See you then...

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