Nov 7, 2010

The View From Afar - Tandag to Surigao City

Well, I believe you have read from my previous post that we have conducted training in Tandag, Surigao Del Sur. From there we have to go to Surigao City to ride a boat heading back to Cebu.

As we traveled down the road, I took some pictures along the way as the views are really wonderful. As what I have been told, the road to Surigao City is not that good. But the views along the way were awesome.

How I wish I had a better camera. I could have captured better pictures. Well, I am just using the camera on my phone. Perhaps, I should start saving so I could buy myself a DSLR camera.

Upon arrival at Surigao City, our coordinator in the area the Team Leader of Rescue 44 asked me to drop by his house. The boat for Cebu will depart by 7 pm and we arrive in the city by 1 pm. We still have ample time to relax and he promised to cook a great crab menu especially for us... Well, I will definitely take a step by step picture on how its done... Watch out on my next post...

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